Senate mulls to send more Guantanamo detainees home

2013-12-20 10:00:30

The US Senate on Thursday is expected to open the way for President Barack Obama to speed up the transfer of many prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to their home countries, a crucial step toward the long-delayed closure of the military prison.

US senators introduce Iran sanctions bill

2013-12-20 09:48:17

Some US senators introduced a bill that would impose further sanctions on Iran if Tehran fails to comply with a deal reached with the world powers last month.

Verizon plans more data-request disclosures

2013-12-20 09:47:36

Verizon Communications Inc vowed to issue semi-annual reports on government requests for customer data.

US illegal immigrant removals fall in fiscal 2013

2013-12-20 09:33:44

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement removed 368,644 illegal immigrants in fiscal 2013, down from 409,849 the previous year, the agency said on Thursday.

US tries again to calm India over diplomat

2013-12-20 09:31:53

A senior US official called India's foreign secretary in another attempt by Washington to tamp down the furor in India over the arrest and treatment of one of its diplomats in New York.

'Deportation relief' more important to AA

2013-12-20 08:24:24

Asian Americans and Hispanics believe it is more important for unauthorized immigrants to be relieved of the threat of deportation than it is to have a pathway to legal citizenship, new Pew Research Center says.

Cuba eases restrictions on car imports

2013-12-20 06:15:43

Cuba's Council of Ministers has approved new regulations to lift a virtual 50-year ban on car imports, the official newspaper Granma reported Thursday.

Maduro holds rare dialogue with opponents

2013-12-19 16:58:38

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro held a rare meeting with opponents on Wednesday, challenging them to collect signatures to oust him in 2016 if they wanted but to work with him in the meantime.

Baucus likely next ambassador to China

2013-12-19 11:14:30

Long-time US Senator Max Baucus is expected to be nominated by President Barack Obama to be the next ambassador to China, replacing Gary Locke, who will step down early next year.

WH releases NSA review by outside panel

2013-12-19 10:01:22

An outside panel appointed by US President Barack Obama has outlined 46 recommendations to limit the National Security Agency's secret surveillance programs, but above all found the programs should stay in place.

How US led the protection movement

2013-12-19 09:26:46

The artist George Catlin (1796-1872) is usually credited with inventing the concept of national parks.

Treasure Island still radioactive?

2013-12-19 09:01:49

San Francisco’s Treasure Island, a man-made island on the path of the important trans-bay bridge connecting San Francisco’s financial district and Oakland, is more contaminated with radiation than has previously been disclosed.