Obama releases fiscal year 2015 budget request

2014-03-05 09:36:07

US President Barack Obama released his fiscal year 2015 budget request to Congress. The annual ritual highlights his policy priorities for the coming year.

US to provide Ukraine with $1b loan guarantees

2014-03-05 00:40:30

The White House announced on Tuesday that the United States will provide $1 billion of loan guarantees to help insulate vulnerable Ukrainians from the effects of reduced energy subsidies.

Obesity rates soar in Canada

2014-03-04 16:52:12

Obesity rates among Canadian adults surged 200 percent from 1985 to 2011, according to a study released Monday by Canadian Memorial University.

Michelle's visit will draw nations closer

2014-03-04 12:45:33

An upcoming trip to China by US First Lady Michelle Obama will demonstrate intimacy with China, and greatly increase the Chinese public's curiosity about the US first family.

Russian energy minister cancels speech at Houston conference

2014-03-04 12:35:09

The Ukraine crisis will be a major subject at the conference, which began Monday. Conference organizers arranged a session specifically devoted to the issue.

US halts military engagements with Russia

2014-03-04 10:20:17

The United States on Monday suspended all military engagements with Russia because of the crisis in Ukraine, including military exercises and port visits.

US suspends trade, investment talks with Russia over Ukraine

2014-03-04 10:01:17

The United States has put trade and investment talks with Russia on hold as a rebuke for Russia's incursion into Ukraine, a US official said on Monday.

Powerful storm lashes eastern US with snow, arctic cold

2014-03-04 09:22:49

A deadly winter storm hit the US East Coast with freezing rain, snow and near-record cold on Monday, cancelling about 2,900 flights, shutting down Washington and closing schools and local governments.

Keystone protesters arrested at WH

2014-03-04 09:14:26

Environmentalists, many who have zip-tied themselves to the fence of the White House, rally and call on President Barack Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline, in Washington, March 2, 2014.

Gravity, Slave Oscar winners

2014-03-04 08:22:58

Winter storm takes aim at US East Coast

2014-03-03 11:11:40

A massive winter storm system packing cold air, snow and freezing rain was bearing down on the US East Coast.