Cheaper Brazil visas cheer soccer fans

2014-01-20 05:38:16

Chinese citizens who have tickets for the World Cup do not need to pay visa application fees, according to the Brazilian embassy in Beijing.

OSell seeks piece of Brazil e-biz wave

2014-01-20 05:37:27

As Brazil's e-commerce sales grow rapidly, Chinese e-commerce companies are rushing to build their presence in that booming market in Latin America's biggest economy.

Chinese dam business in S. America rises

2014-01-20 05:37:27

Latin America, with its vast array of powerful and beautiful rivers, may be a relatively recent new frontier for Chinese dam builders, but they are coming on strong now, not only providing hydroelectric power and water for irrigation, but also expanding China's geopolitical clout.

Brazilian food offers a taste to savor

2014-01-20 05:33:51

Churrascos, or Brazilian barbeque, are setting taste buds aflame as Brazilian-style restaurants offer plenty of food for thought, not just about the cuisine but also about the country.

White House fine-tunes Asia pivot to 'quench fire'

2014-01-20 00:57:00

Washington is dispatching two diplomats to East Asia to fine-tune the US pivot to Asia-Pacific by "quenching the fire" between China and Japan.

Dennis Rodman checks into alcohol rehab center

2014-01-19 12:41:20

Retired basketball star Dennis Rodman has checked himself into an alcohol treatment program, just days after returning to the US from North Korea.

Panda cub in Washington makes her public debut

2014-01-19 07:40:18

Bao Bao, the giant panda cub in Washington, makes her public debut Saturday.

Obama's US global spy program reform not enough

2014-01-18 15:13:21

President Barack Obama took a small step Friday toward reforming the massive US global spy program, but some experts said the reforms did not go far enough.

Bunnies on parade to celebrate 60 yrs of Playboy

2014-01-18 09:47:18

Playboy turns 60 with a bus full of extra hot Playboy bunnies in Beverly Hills on Jan 16, 2014.

Across Canada

2014-01-18 06:08:10

China Daily Canada

Obama bans spying on leaders of US allies

2014-01-18 01:25:40

Obama announced a ban on US eavesdropping on the leaders of close allies, and rein in the vast collection of Americans' phone data in a series of reforms.

NSA collects millions of text messages globally

2014-01-17 11:47:18

The US National Security Agency has been gathering data on people's travel plans, contacts and credit card transactions around the world.