US consumers still wary of GM produce

2013-12-12 15:46:11

American sceptical consumers are still pushing for labeling to make generically-modified food easier to avoid while shopping.

Prosecutor: No domestic charges against Zimmerman

2013-12-12 14:32:00

Prosecutors say they will not file domestic violence charges against the former-neighborhood watch volunteer acquitted in the killing of an unarmed black teen, after George Zimmerman's girlfriend said in a sworn statement she did not want to pursue the case.

Intl Space Station reports cooling system failure

2013-12-12 13:16:54

US space agency NASA said that one of the International Space Station's cooling systems failed Wednesday but it posed no danger to the crew on board.

NTSB holds Asiana 214 hearing

2013-12-12 10:01:04

The day-long hearing on Wednesday held by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) about Asiana Airlines Flight 214 revealed more about the worst aviation disaster in the US in the last four years.
New details emerge in Asiana crash

Obamacare enrollments accelerate

2013-12-12 09:24:00

The number of Americans selecting private health plans in November under US President Barack Obama's signature healthcare overhaul more than doubled from October, but the total enrollments still lagged behind the target.

New details emerge in Asiana crash

2013-12-12 09:18:40

A hearing into the July 6 crash highlighted the pilots' mistaken reliance on the autopilot to maintain their airspeed but also Korean cultural factors that may have played a role.

Lee named head of Patent Office

2013-12-12 08:36:23

Michelle Lee, a former Google Inc executive, was officially named by the Obama administration on Wednesday to head up the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). She will begin her new role Jan 13, 2014.

6 missing adults, children alive in Nevada

2013-12-11 13:25:21

A member of a search team on Tuesday found a couple and four young members of their families who had been missing in the frigid mountains of northern Nevada since Sunday, authorities said.

US hearing to probe autopilot in Asiana crash

2013-12-11 11:25:30

US safety investigators are looking closely at whether an over-reliance on autopilot systems in modern aircraft has degraded human flying skills, increasing the risk of accidents.

Uruguay becomes 1st to legalize marijuana

2013-12-11 10:56:31

Uruguay passed a law on Tuesday allowing its citizens to grow, buy and smoke marijuana, becoming the first country to legalize the full cycle from cultivation and distribution to consumption of the drug.

Castro, Obama handshake could signal improving ties

2013-12-11 10:46:59

Cuba is upbeat about the handshake between US President Barack Obama and the island nation's leader Raul Castro in South Africa, indicating it was a possible sign of improving relations.

US Congress negotiators reach budget deal

2013-12-11 10:24:53

Chief budget negotiators in the U.S. Congress said Tuesday that they have struck a two-year deal to avoid a government shutdown on January 15.