What a bunch of bright sparks

2014-06-24 16:56:57

A group of skydivers have taken their hobby to an extreme level by setting off fireworks as they leap from planes.

Kerry in Iraq for talks with Kurdish leaders

2014-06-24 16:47:53

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday arrived in Iraq's semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan to discuss the Iraqi crisis with the Kurdish leaders.

Alaska tsunami advisories canceled

2014-06-24 10:25:13

All tsunami advisories have been canceled following a magnitude-7.9 earthquake in Alaska's Aleutian Islands.

US-China relations gaining momentum at grassroots level

2014-06-24 09:14:35

Travis Tanner, senior vice-president and CEO of Strong Foundation, said his organization will launch a partnership states initiative so that those states which already have robust relations with China can set examples for other states.

Tsunami warning for Aleutians after 8.0 quake

2014-06-24 07:33:53

A local tsunami warning was issued after an 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck in the Pacific Ocean west of Alaska's Aleutian Islands on Monday.

Tourists advised to play it safe

2014-06-23 10:34:05

As students in China are about to wrap up their studies and visit the US during their summer break, tourism safety becomes important in the US major cities like San Francisco.

US mulls airstrikes in Iraq

2014-06-23 09:07:30

Washington is considering airstrikes to quell Islamic extremists rolling through northern Iraq, but the situation is fraught with both political and military pitfalls.

Iran opposes US intervention in Iraq

2014-06-22 20:17:00

Iran "strongly" opposes any intervention of the United States in its neighboring state of Iraq.

Kerry in Egypt on surprise visit

2014-06-22 18:20:45

US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Cairo on Sunday to meet Egypt's newly-elected president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for talks on common concern.

Yogis shine in Times Square

2014-06-22 16:02:47

People practice yoga in Times Square as part of a Summer Solstice celebration in New York June 21, 2014.

Cuba rejects US accusation over human trafficking

2014-06-22 14:01:16

Cuba on Saturday dismissed a US report which put the island nation on a black list of "human trafficking countries."

Through to the mermaid fairytale

2014-06-22 10:20:13

People take part in the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island in the Brooklyn section of New York on June 21.