Newborn giant panda cub in good health

2013-08-27 01:23:14

The giant panda cub born at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington appears to be in good health after a quick physical examination.

Newly born panda cub at Washington zoo doing fine

2013-08-26 07:59:08

The US National Zoo's panda team gave a newly born panda cub its first neonatal exam on Sunday morning, and found it healthy.

Cliff diving in the city

2013-08-26 07:53:22

Competitors dive off the roof of the Institute of Contemporary Art during the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2013 competition in Boston, Massachusetts August 25, 2013.

Mircrosoft CEO to step down in 12 months

2013-08-26 07:39:26

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who helped Bill Gates transform the company from a tiny startup into the world's most valuable business, announced plans on Friday to retire sometime in the next year.

US panda cub described as healthy and vibrant

2013-08-26 03:05:51

The US National Zoo's panda team gave a newly born panda cub its first neonatal exam on Sunday morning, and found it healthy, said the zoo authorities.

Fast-moving fire rages through California park

2013-08-25 11:17:56

Firefighters on Saturday battled to gain control of a fast-moving wildfire raging on the edge of Yosemite National Park that is threatening power and water supplies to San Francisco about 200 miles (322 km) to the west.

Washington set to mark King speech

2013-08-24 08:13:29

The United States reflects on one of the turning points of its recent history, starting this weekend, when it marks the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's March on Washington.

China urged to boost ties with Jamaica

2013-08-24 01:51:48

Thriving Sino-Jamaican relations should not be limited to economic partnerships, but extended to global issues, said the visiting Jamaican prime minister.

Nasdaq resumes stock trading after outage

2013-08-23 05:12:12

US stocks closed higher on Thursday after Nasdaq suspended trading of all stocks for about three hours.

WikiLeaker Manning says is female, wants to live as a woman

2013-08-22 21:11:19

Bradley Manning, sentenced to 35 years in military prison for the biggest breach of classified US documents in US history, said in a statement on Thursday he is female and wants to live as a woman named Chelsea.

US Feds running out of wildfire money

2013-08-22 11:00:48

Running out of money to fight wildfires at the peak of the season, the US Forest Service is diverting $600 million from timber, recreation and other areas to fill the gap.

Manning gets 35 years in WikiLeaks trial

2013-08-22 06:38:02

Manning was sentenced to serve 35 years in a military prison for turning over more than 700,000 classified files to WikiLeaks in the biggest breach of secret data in the nation's history.