Detroit files for bankruptcy

2013-07-19 04:56:52

The city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy on Thursday, making it the largest ever municipal bankruptcy in US history and marking a new low for a city that was the cradle of the US automotive industry.
Detroit's new start: A chance to cleanse debt

Nokia unveils new smartphone

2013-07-18 19:05:19

Nokia Chief Executive Stephen Elop unveils Nokia's new smartphone, the Lumia 1020 with a 41-megapixel camera.

Colorado town mulls to shoot down drones

2013-07-18 16:17:57

The farming and ranching town of Deer Trail, Colorado, which boasts that it held the world's first rodeo in 1869, is now considering starting a 21st century tradition - paying bounties to anyone who shoots down an unmanned drone.

US Olympic body rejects boycott call over Snowden

2013-07-18 15:41:20

The US Olympic Committee on Wednesday refused to side with a US lawmaker to boycott the Winter Olympics in Russia if the country provides shelter to whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Heat blankets much of US as summer sizzles

2013-07-18 08:19:09

From Minnesota to Massachusetts temperatures surged to potentially dangerous levels Wednesday as the largest heat wave of the summer stretched out and stagnated, with relief in many parts of the country still days away.

DPRK demands Panama free seized ship carrying weapon

2013-07-18 07:51:54

DPRK demanded on Thursday the release of its ship held in Panama with what appear to be missile radar and other weapons loaded in Cuba, saying it was sailing under a legitimate deal.

Bomber as rock star? Rolling Stone cover outrage

2013-07-18 07:40:29

The close-up of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of Rolling Stone took on new criticism that Rolling Stone turned the Boston Marathon bombing defendant into something more appealing.

Atlanta zoo's surprise panda twins

2013-07-18 02:42:04

Tiny twin panda cubs were born to a 15-year-old giant panda named Lun Lun earlier this week at Zoo Atlanta, the first set of panda twins born in the United States in 26 years. The second cub was a surprise, after an earlier ultrasound seemed to indicate a solo cub.

War-separated US couple finally tie knots

2013-07-17 16:53:43

After spending 70 years on opposite sides of the world, the childhood sweethearts who faced parents' disapproval and lost touch during World War II are finally to tie the knot this weekend.

Venezuelan Vice-President to visit China

2013-07-17 16:28:20

Venezuelan Vice-President Jorge Arreaza will pay an official visit to China from July 17 to 21, as guest of Chinese Vice-President Li Yuanchao.

Cuba says seized DPRK ship carries obsolete weapons

2013-07-17 15:30:52

A cargo ship of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) seized in Panama was loaded at a Cuban port with 240 tons of "obsolete defensive weaponry," the Cuban Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

Giant panda Lun Lun gives birth to twin cubs

2013-07-17 10:03:37

A 15-year-old giant panda, Lun Lun, gave birth Monday to twin cubs at Atlanta Zoo, according to the Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding in Sichuan province.