US attorney general questions gun law

2013-07-17 08:02:55

US Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday questioned the wisdom of the so-called Stand Your Ground laws in over two dozens of states, saying they needed to be reconsidered.

Panama finds 'missile equipment' aboard DPRK ship

2013-07-17 07:40:48

Panama's president said on Monday that the captain of a ship from the DPRK tried to kill himself after the vessel was stopped en route from Cuba and found to have suspected missile material on board.

Asiana crash passengers sue Boeing

2013-07-17 06:59:23

A Chicago law firm says it has taken steps to sue aircraft manufacturer Boeing Co. on behalf of 83 people who were aboard the Asiana Airlines flight that crash-landed in San Francisco.

China-US S&ED Outcomes of the Strategic Track

2013-07-17 06:20:41

The dialogue on the Strategic Track produced the following specific outcomes and areas for further cooperation.

Joint China-US Economic Track Fact Sheet

2013-07-17 06:20:41

China and the United States emphasized the importance of promoting a comprehensive China US economic relationship based on mutual respect and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Mahjong gains popularity among Jews in US

2013-07-16 15:21:16

The Chinese game of mahjong has gained popularity in the United States, becoming a particular favorite among elderly Jewish women in Los Angeles.

Obama urges restraint amid protests

2013-07-16 10:31:43

US President Barack Obama appealed for restraint on Sunday as thousands marched across the country protesting the acquittal of a man who gunned down an unarmed black teenager.

Boeing puts to test after fire on 787 Dreamliner

2013-07-16 10:31:09

Boeing faces a public test of the carbon-composite technology used in its 787 Dreamliner following a fire aboard one of its planes at London's Heathrow airport.

Asiana to sue TV station over pilot name gaffe

2013-07-16 09:07:55

Asiana Airlines said Monday it will sue a TV station that incorrectly reported racially offensive names of four pilots onboard the flight that crash-landed in early July at San Francisco International Airport.

Air crash payouts could differ

2013-07-16 07:28:23

The potential compensation for people who were aboard Asiana Airlines Flight 214 may be very different for US citizens and passengers from other countries.
Asiana to sue TV station over pilot name gaffe

Muslim Brotherhood under more pressure

2013-07-15 16:52:53

Egypt is expected to receive U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns on Monday, the first senior U.S. official to visit the country since the ouster of president Mohamed Morsi.

Canada mourns victims of train accident

2013-07-15 09:41:09

A week after the heart of the Quebec village of Lac-Megantic was devastated in one of the worst train accidents in Canadian history, the St. Agnes church bell rang 50 times on Saturday, once for each person believed to have died.