Members of Congress see signs of hope in fiscal impasse

2013-10-10 02:54:03

Republicans and Democrats in US Congress saw signs of hope as members of both parties floated the possibility of a short-term increase in the debt limit.Obama says he'll negotiate once 'threats' end

Yellen 'to maintain continuity' at US Fed

2013-10-10 00:26:19

Janet Yellen's nomination to run the United States Federal Reserve sends a positive signal to the global and Chinese economies, analysts have said.

Obama to name Janet Yellen as next Fed chair

2013-10-09 14:20:08

US President Barack Obama has decided to nominate Janet Yellen to be chairman of the powerful US central bank.

Yellen to be named for Fed chair

2013-10-09 09:05:46

President Barack Obama will announce his choice of Federal Reserve Vice Chairwoman Janet Yellen to be the next head of the US central bank on Wednesday.

Obama says he'll negotiate once 'threats' end

2013-10-09 04:35:47

US President Barack Obama said he would be willing to negotiate on budget issues with Republicans only after they agree to re-open the federal government.
Glimmers emerge amid US deadlock
US on path to default if Obama won't negotiate

US still in deadlock, but glimmers of hope emerge

2013-10-08 22:51:59

A few faint glimmers of hope surfaced on Monday in the US fiscal standoff, both in Congress and at the White House, with President Barack Obama saying he would accept a short-term increase in the nation's borrowing authority to avoid a default.
China calls on US to stay solventBoehner: US on path to default if Obama won't negotiate

Argentina's president to undergo brain surgery

2013-10-08 09:51:22

Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez will undergo surgery Tuesday at Buenos Aires' Fundacion Favaloro Hospital, after doctors found a brain hematoma, said a statement issued by the hospital on Monday.

Debt ceiling deadline looms over US Congress

2013-10-08 08:38:23

As the US government moved into the second week of a shutdown on Monday with no end in sight, a deadlocked US Congress also confronted an Oct 17 deadline to increase the nation's borrowing power or risk default.

Wall Street slumps on rising US default concerns

2013-10-08 05:14:58

US stocks took a big hit Monday as investors grew more worried about a possible debt default in Washington, D.C..

White House open to short-term hike in debt limit

2013-10-08 02:53:57

Senate Democrats intend to introduce legislation by mid-week to raise the nation's debt limit without the unrelated conditions Republicans have said they intend to seek, officials said Monday.

China calls on US to stay solvent

2013-10-08 00:06:15

In its first response to the US government shutdown by a senior official, China asked the United States to solve the political impasse and stay solvent to ensure the safety of massive Chinese assets.
White House open to short-term hike in debt limit
Wall Street slumps on rising US default concerns

US on path to default if Obama won't negotiate

2013-10-07 04:05:18

Republican House Speaker John Boehner vowed on Sunday not to raise the US debt ceiling without a "serious conversation" about what is driving the debt, while Democrats said it was irresponsible and reckless to raise the possibility of a US default.