US captures Benghazi suspect in raid

2014-06-18 11:19:49

The Pentagon confirmed Tuesday that US forces on Sunday captured a key figure suspected in the attacks on US facilities in Benghazi, Libya, in September 2012.

Whooping cough reaches epidemic levels in California

2014-06-18 07:18:50

Public health officials warn that whooping cough poses the greatest risk to young children as California deals with its worst outbreak of the respiratory disease since 2010, with nearly 3,500 reported victims so far this year.

Ecuador: US scientists unethically sold blood

2014-06-18 07:18:50

US scientists took thousands of unauthorized blood samples from an indigenous group known for a unique genetic profile and disease immunity, and some of the samples have been sold, Ecuador charged on Monday.

Discover the real China

2014-06-17 14:45:19

A forum on the topic was held by LA Cleantech Incubator in Los Angeles on Monday, with guest speakers sharing their experiences with local clean technology firms interested in getting their products into China.

Tornadoes sweep through Nebraska, 1 dead

2014-06-17 10:12:59

A hospital spokeswoman says at least one person is dead and 16 more are in critical condition after two massive tornadoes swept through northeast Nebraska.

Up to 275 US forces deploying to Iraq

2014-06-17 09:51:08

US President Barack Obama notified that about 275 US military personnel were deploying to Iraq to provide support and security for US personnel and the American embassy in Baghdad.

US Navy ship with 550 Marines entering Gulf

2014-06-16 20:26:28

The USS Mesa Verde with 550 Marines on board entered the Gulf on Monday to support possible US action to help Iraq's Shi'ite-led government combat a Sunni Islamist insurgency that has overtaken large areas of the country's north.

US applauds voting in Afghan election

2014-06-15 22:37:19

The White House on Saturday lauded the second round of voting in Afghan presidential election, pledging to work with the new government.

US options could help combat advances by Iraqi militants

2014-06-15 14:34:21

Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday that the United States was looking at "a range of options" that could help the Iraqi security forces fight against advancing Islamic militants.

Angelina Jolie shines at summit against sexual violence

2014-06-15 01:19:02

Actress and campaigner Angelina Jolie arrives at a summit to end sexual violence in conflict, at the Excel centre in London June 13, 2014.

Rockefeller great-grandson dies in NY plane crash

2014-06-15 00:31:55

A small plane crashed outside New York City on Friday, killing a great grandson of Standard Oil co-founder John D. Rockefeller, a family spokesman said.

Obama visits native American reservation

2014-06-15 00:10:03

Obama on Friday made his first visit to an American Indian reservation since entering the White House on a trip to unveil new measures aimed at boosting education and economic opportunities for indigenous people.