USC Chinese students call for increased security

2014-07-30 20:40:43

Chinese students and scholars in University of Southern California (USC) on Tuesday released an open letter appealing for more effective efforts to ensure student safety.

Broken water main floods UCLA

2014-07-30 11:31:08

A broken water main near the UCLA campus Tuesday sent a geyser of water some 30 feet (nine meters) into the air, forcing the rescue of people trapped in underground parking garages and covering some of the best-known parts of campus in water.

Obama writes to Putin over violation of missile treaty

2014-07-30 10:48:34

US President Barack Obama has written to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin over Moscow's breach of a 1987 missile treaty, the White House said on Tuesday.

'Significant' progress in Iran nuke talks

2014-07-30 10:33:03

The chief US negotiator in Iran nuclear talks on Tuesday cited "significant and steady" progress over the past six months, but would not say whether the negotiations would be further extended.

US Senate panel backs confirmation of new ambassador to Russia

2014-07-30 10:00:10

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved the nomination of John Tefft, a career diplomat and former ambassador to Ukraine, Georgia and Lithuania, to be the new envoy to Moscow.

252 pounds dancer swings with flexibility

2014-07-30 09:58:24

She may be twice the size of other women but LuAyne Brown boasts double the tricks - because she is the world's heaviest pole dancer.

Student deaths shake Chinese communities

2014-07-30 06:46:33

Chinese communities throughout the United State were saddened by the deaths last week of a 24-year-old Chinese graduate student at the University of Southern California (USC), who was beaten on his way to his apartment and died there.

Look who's two, Xiao Liwu!

2014-07-30 06:39:37

Giant Panda Cub at San Diego Zoo Enjoys Birthday Cake

Philadelphia Orchestra holds press conference

2014-07-30 06:08:48

In 1973, the Philadelphia Orchestra was invited by then US President Richard Nixon to go to China following his historic trip there a year earlier. Its performance in front of a fully packed audience at Beijing's Cultural Palace of Nationalities was the first by an American orchestra since 1949 when the People's Republic of China was founded.

LA police arrest 4 teenagers in Chinese student murder case

2014-07-29 15:08:59

Los Angeles Police have arrested two men and two juveniles in connection with the murder of a 24-year-old Chinese graduate student.

LA lightning kills 1, injures 13

2014-07-29 06:52:51

A 20-year-old man died after lightning struck 14 people at a popular Los Angeles beach and a golf course, a coroner's official said on Sunday.

NYC's Asian restaurants hit by higher rent, taxes

2014-07-29 06:32:05

Mei Chou closed her first New York City restaurant in 2008 because of it. Now she is facing the same issue again with her two-year-old Chinatown bistro — skyrocketing rent.