India, US stress strategic ties but tensions remain

2014-08-01 10:31:44

The United States and India stressed their desire to boost business and defense ties on Thursday, but trade and spying rows were a reminder of the obstacles to US President Barack Obama's vision of a "defining" partnership.

US warns against travel to West Africa

2014-08-01 08:53:25

The US government on Thursday issued a warning against nonessential travel to West African nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, saying the level 3 advisory, its highest level, reflects the "worsening" Ebola outbreak in this region.

American infected with Ebola to be evacuated

2014-08-01 07:01:38

A US humanitarian aid worker who was infected with Ebola in West Africa will be transferred back to the United States and treated in a special high security ward at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, hospital officials said on Thursday.

Jobs hunting

2014-08-01 04:59:36

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (second from right) talks to the press on Thursday in Washington during a trip to promote his state’s economy to business leaders. Bill Ford (second from left), executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company, Doug Rothwell (left), president and CEO of Business Leaders for Michigan and John Russel (first right), president and CEO of CMS Energy were also present.

US sanctions DPRK shipping companies

2014-07-31 15:35:24

The United States on Wednesday slapped sanctions on two shipping companies of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) for their attempt to import arms and related material from Cuba last year.

World Trade Center ship dates to 1773

2014-07-31 10:54:21

Researchers said that a vessel unearthed four years ago at the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan was made from wood cut around the year 1773.

NYS aims to attract more Chinese tourists

2014-07-31 10:26:50

New York State wants more Chinese tourists to say — or sing — “I Love New York’’ as it seeks to tap into the more than $102 billion global Chinese tourism market.

3 people killed, deputies wounded in NC shootout

2014-07-31 09:41:23

An angry husband sprayed his father-in-law's house with bullets from two 30-round magazines, killing two people, after his wife ran to the home during an argument Wednesday.

US House approves lawsuit against Obama

2014-07-31 09:27:13

The US House on Wednesday approved a lawsuit against US President Barack Obama over alleged abuse of executive power.

Alibaba reportedly to fund Snapchat

2014-07-31 05:05:09

China's e-commerce giant Alibaba Group is reportedly in talks to provide funding to US messaging company Snapchat, further adding to the Hangzhou-based company's string of investments in American companies leading up to its US IPO debut.

Lavender farm has right scent to lure Chinese tourists

2014-07-31 04:50:54

North of the Hamptons on Long Island is a place called Lavender by the Bay in East Marion, New York, home to a lavender farm that attracts a large number of Chinese visitors.

China slams US report on its religious status

2014-07-30 21:31:34

China on Wednesday expressed "firm opposition" to a US report about China's religious situation.