Obama visits mudslide-hit Washington town

2014-04-23 11:37:08

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday visited the Washington state community slammed by a deadly mudslide last month, offering condolences to the families of victims, encouragement to rescue workers, and promises of government support.

Everyone's a winner in Boston Marathon

2014-04-23 09:53:48

For 29-year-old Beijing native Jia Xiaomeng, passing through that finish line in the Monday Boston marathon was a dream come true. That dream began to take shape a year ago when she was just 500 meters from the finish line and the deadly bombings happened.

Obama's Japan visit unlikely to be fruitful

2014-04-23 06:57:52

On Oct 3, 2013, the White House announced that President Barack Obama had cancelled plans to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting because of the US government shutdown. Ever since the US administration had been crafting plans for Obama to visit Asia.

Some vital advice for US president

2014-04-23 06:57:52

Just two days before US President Barack Obama's visit to Japan on his four-nation tour of Asia, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine, a symbol of Japan's militarist past which honors 14 Class-A war criminals. On Tuesday, 146 Japanese lawmakers visited the shrine again. A couple of days before that, Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera attended a ceremony to begin construction of a radar base on Yonaguni Island, just 150 km from China's Diaoyu Islands.

US should not be led astray

2014-04-23 06:57:52

HOW HE WILL REASSURE HIS COUNTRY'S allies without leaving the impression the United States and its allies are ganging up on China will be a test of US President Barack Obama's political acumen as he starts a four-nation visit to the Asia-Pacific in Japan on Wednesday.

Quality matters in US-Japan ties

2014-04-23 06:57:52

To maintain security, one usually has only two options. The first is to strengthen oneself, and the second is to look for powerful partners to maintain a stronger position vis-a-vis others. In international relations, the former means building defense capabilities so that one state can attack another to maintain its security, while the latter uses a variety of security alignments, including entering alliances.

High on hype, low on expectations

2014-04-23 06:57:52

US President Barack Obama's four-nation East Asian tour from Wednesday is aimed at pushing forward Washington's "pivot to Asia" policy. First, his visits to Japan, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines show the US is determined to consolidate its military presence and use its diplomatic power to ensure the success of the policy.

Agenda will be full during Obama visit

2014-04-23 03:13:58

US President Barack Obama's scheduled arrival in Tokyo late on Wednesday will mark the end of his host's elaborate preparations and the launch of a formal state greeting.

Final phase of BP spill trial set for 2015

2014-04-22 16:14:14

A US federal court on Monday laid out a detailed schedule for the final phase of British oil giant BP's civil trial over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, setting the first day of the key chapter for Jan 20, 2015.

Kerry urges Russia's help on Ukraine deal

2014-04-22 13:39:00

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday urged Russia to "take concrete steps" to help implement the agreement aimed at defusing tensions in Ukraine.

Obama in sticky situation as US-Russia deal sputters

2014-04-22 10:42:05

US President Barack Obama is in a tough spot after a US-Russia deal to de-escalate the Ukrainian crisis stalled amid weeks of critics'charges that the president is too timid in dealing with Russia.

Obamas host White House Easter Egg Roll

2014-04-22 09:25:35

Children and parents gather on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, April 21, for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll where President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle kicked off the festivities.