Charles Foster: from curiosity to actively shaping history

2014-03-10 05:11:51

When it comes to China-US relations, Charles Foster, co-chairman at the Houston, Texas, law firm Foster Quan, LLP, has been a witness and an active participant in some of the significant historical events involving the two countries.

US investigates terrorism concerns over Malaysian plane

2014-03-09 07:36:48

The United States officials are investigating terrorism concerns over the missing Malaysia Airlines plane after two people listed as passengers of the MH 370 flight were confirmed not on board, and their passports were reported stolen in Thailand.

'I know nothing' says reported Bitcoin founder

2014-03-08 08:41:21

A Japanese American man thought to be the reclusive multimillionaire father of Bitcoin emerged from a modest Southern California home and denied involvement with the digital currency before leading reporters on a freeway car chase to the local headquarters of the Associated Press.

ROM opens gates of China's Forbidden City with new centennial exhibition

2014-03-08 07:39:02

Chinese Ambassador to Canada Zhang Junsai speaks at the opening ceremony of The Forbidden City at ROM on Wednesday.

Chinese investments with Canadian mining examined

2014-03-08 05:48:41

The growth of investment from China in Canadian industry may not be as strong as in the past few years, but Chinese investment in Canada’s mining sector should pick up momentum in the long run, according to Yu Benlin, minister-counselor for economic and commercial affairs at the Chinese Embassy in Canada.

It's snow joke, he is the Granddaddy of all snowmen

2014-03-07 15:02:05

Sightseers photograph themselves in front of a 50-foot snowman named "Granddaddy" in Gilman, Minnesota, March 6, 2014.

Crimea referendum would violate law: Obama

2014-03-07 06:23:47

The proposed upcoming referendum in Crimea would violate Ukraine's Constitution and the international law, US President Barack Obama says.

US House passes Ukraine aid bill

2014-03-07 06:16:35

The US House of Representatives Thursday approved legislation that would allow the Obama administration to give Ukraine $1 billion of loan guarantees.

Obama consults Cameron on Ukraine

2014-03-06 10:32:28

US President Barack Obama spoke to British Prime Minister David Cameron about the situation on Ukraine, the White House said on Wednesday.

US limits travel of Syria's UN envoy

2014-03-06 10:19:25

The United States has limited travel of Syria's ambassador to the United Nations, the State Department confirmed on Wednesday.

US plans to conclude TPP negotiations

2014-03-05 17:39:28

The US plans to conclude the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations in 2014, according to the 2014 Trade Policy Agenda released on Tuesday.

Obama, Merkel discuss resolution on Ukraine

2014-03-05 15:04:52

US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agree on the importance of de-escalating the situation in Ukraine.