Out and about

2014-07-05 06:17:34

An electronic American flag is displayed in Times Square as pedestrians stop to take their own snapshots on Friday in New York. Independence Day, which falls on July 4 in the US, is a federal holiday that commemorates the signing of the US Declaration of Independence.

Workshop helps Chinese business owners on filing taxes

2014-07-05 04:33:32

"Should I file as a C or S corporation? And do I have to charge tax if someone makes a purchase online?" Those are some of the questions that often puzzle many Chinese small business owners in New York, according to tax specialists who participated in a recent workshop for small business owners in Flushing, Queens.

Chinese tourists celebrate the 4th, by shopping

2014-07-04 10:56:41

While Americans celebrate their country's 238th birthday with fireworks, cookouts and parades, many Chinese visitors will be at the nation's retail outlets for Fourth of July sales.

Feed additives, HGPs at play in US-China beef trade

2014-07-04 10:41:37

Beef from the United States has been banned in China for more than a decade, but officials are working to get US meat back into world's most populated country by the end of the year, according to trade officials.

Arthur grows to hurricane off US coast

2014-07-04 08:41:05

Tropical Storm Arthur became the first hurricane of the 2014 Atlantic season on Thursday, after sparking evacuations, closing beaches and tourist sites and disrupting Independence Day celebrations along parts of the US East Coast.

Chinese national arrested for alleged trade secret theft

2014-07-04 08:12:59

Another Chinese national has been arrested in connection to an alleged conspiracy to steal trade secrets for corn seeds from US agricultural companies, according to government officials.

Macy's 'Fourth' show will include made-in-China fireworks

2014-07-04 07:50:15

The biggest fireworks display in the United States is scheduled for Friday night in New York when more than 3 million people are expected to watch the annual Macy's Fourth of July celebration. And China, which invented the pyrotechnics thousands of years ago, will be responsible for some of the crowd's Oohs! and Ahhs!

Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2014 features China and Kenya

2014-07-04 04:24:12

Visitors practice fan dance following a Chinese instructor on Thursday at the 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival being held on the National Mall in Washington DC until July 6.

Exhibit paints picture of contemporary Chinese art through 3 giants

2014-07-03 08:54:14

Florida International University is one China-connected school, and has been for years.

Chinese turns to US for milk products

2014-07-03 07:17:02

Dairy consumption in the US has over the last decade has slowed, but demand from Asia — led by China — has been helping offset some of the US' milk woes.

Naturalization ceremony at New York Public Library

2014-07-03 03:02:13

A naturalization ceremony that welcomes 150 new citizens from 46 countries - including 11 from China - takes place at the New York Public Library on Wednesday.

Xi urges US to view China objectively

2014-07-03 02:49:52

United States should objectively view China's national conditions and policies, President Xi Jinping told a former senior US official on Wednesday.