Oct jobless report paints dim picture

2013-11-09 12:11:46

While Friday's jobless report added 204,000 jobs, the US is also seeing the lowest labor force participation rate in years, painting a dim picture of the overall job market.

Chinese Americans protest Kimmel joke in NYC

2013-11-09 11:58:04

Approximately 300 protesters gathered outside ABC-TV's headquarters in New York on Friday in response to a segment last month on the late-night television show Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which a young boy joked about killing everyone in China to erase US debt.

Obama's approval rating plunges to 41%

2013-11-09 09:14:34

US President Barack Obama's overall job approval rating has slipped 14 percentage points since his re-election victory, according to a new Pew poll.

S Americans take steps to prevent spying

2013-11-08 11:34:37

South American countries are making plans to set up an exclusive internet network in face of increasing threats from US spying agencies.

Obama apologizes for healthcare insurance pledge

2013-11-08 11:18:20

President Barack Obama apologized on Thursday to Americans who are losing their healthcare insurance policies.

Twitter shares soar 73% in debut

2013-11-08 10:05:07

Twitter Inc shares jumped 73% in a frenzied trading debut that drove the seven-year-old company's market value to around $25 billion.

Who will get rich from Twitter's IPO?

2013-11-08 10:03:41

Just about everyone in Silicon Valley has dreamed of striking it rich with a well-timed investment. Here is a list of the number and value, based on the closing price of $44.90, of the shares owned by some of the people and investment firms that have benefited the most from Twitter's initial public offering on Thursday. At the market close, Twitter's valuation was $24.47 billion.

Is Twitter's IPO Alibaba’s cue?

2013-11-08 09:21:11

Twitter's shares nearly doubled in its public trading debut on Thursday, making it the second largest internet IPO in the US since Facebook's $16 billion offering 18 months ago.

Bank exec describes meeting with Li

2013-11-08 08:50:31

Dominic Ng, chairman of Committee of 100 (C100), and chairman and CEO of East West Bank, shared some of the details of his meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and other Chinese leaders.

Twitter shares soar in NYSE debut

2013-11-08 02:37:16

Twitter Inc soared as much as 92 percent in its first day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange. 
Is Twitter's IPO Alibaba's cue?
Who will get rich from Twitter's IPO?

Politicians court US-Asians amid anti-China sentiment

2013-11-08 00:04:03

Asian-Americans are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States, and politicians are increasingly scrambling to reconcile a need to appeal to them with a lingering anti-China sentiment that reached a climax in the 2010 midterm elections.

CIA paying AT&T to provide call records

2013-11-07 23:28:51

The CIA is paying AT&T more than $10 million a year to provide phone records for overseas counter-terrorism investigations.US denies culling phone data