UN slams attack on peacekeepers in Mali

2014-10-08 11:38:35

The UN Security Council on Tuesday condemned "in the strongest terms" a deadly attack against peacekeepers in Mali and urged Malian authorities to bring the attackers to justice.

Canada approves air strikes against IS

2014-10-08 11:06:25

Canadian legislators on Tuesday approved government plans to send fighter jets to Iraq, where they will take part in US-led air strikes against Islamic State militants for up to six months.

China calls for peaceful means in addressing security threats

2014-10-08 09:46:34

A Chinese envoy to the UN on Tuesday called on the international community to adhere to the UN charter and solve problems through peaceful means in addressing security threats.

Train derails in Saskatchewan, catches fire

2014-10-08 09:27:57

A Canadian National Railway Company freight train carrying flammable goods derailed in central Saskatchewan on Tuesday and caught fire.

Hopes for US-China trade high: Experts

2014-10-08 09:27:52

Despite the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) downward revision of its growth rate forecast for China, a panel of economic experts still believes the world's second-largest economy is ripe for trade with the US.

US mother charged after toddler daughter taking heroin to day care center

2014-10-08 09:17:17

A 30-year-old mother in the US state of Delaware has been charged with child endangerment and drug possession after her toddler daughter took packets of heroin to her day care center, Delaware State Police said Tuesday.

US offers to help tap Chinese market

2014-10-08 06:14:56

China is the third-largest market for US exports, responsible for more 800,000 US jobs, and helping US businesses tap into the growing Chinese market is a high priority.

Gay couples rush to courthouses after US Supreme Court decision

2014-10-07 10:34:34

When Jim Crowder saw a news headline on his cellphone on Monday morning that a Supreme Court decision had made gay marriage legal again in Indiana, he immediately called his partner of 31 years.

Are You the One Down South?

2014-10-06 22:53:35

Meng Fei (left), the host of the popular Chinese reality TV dating show If You Are the One, met with fans in Houston on Sunday afternoon. Meng Fei's team is shooting footage for a special southern US edition of the show to be aired in December. Organized by Southern News Group, it will be the show's third US installment. Contestants from different states introduce themselves to Meng in a pretend version of the program. They will fly to Nanjing, Jiangsu province, to videotape the studio portion of the program in November.

Rising college loans burden more college students, graduates in US

2014-10-06 17:11:03

The rising student loan debt in the United States are placing burdens on more and more college students and graduates, who may have to struggle for years before paying off their debts.

NY museum honors history of Chinese

2014-10-06 14:10:16

The Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) in New York City has turned to its archives for an exhibit that chronicles the Chinese experience in the United States.

Rousseff to face Neves in rival in runoff

2014-10-06 10:04:33

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff will face Aecio Neves in the Oct 26 runoff vote, required as no single candidate won an outright majority.