Hurricanes leave 101 dead, 68 missing in Mexico

2013-09-21 17:48:51

Two hurricanes devastating Mexico recently along the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific have left at least 101 people dead and 68 missing, a minister said Friday.

Charges against Saudi princess in US dismissed

2013-09-21 16:16:54

Human trafficking charges against a Saudi princess accused of holding a Kenyan servant as a virtual prisoner in her California home were dismissed by a judge on Friday after prosecutors said they were unable to corroborate the allegations.

2013 Spring-Summer Caribbean Colour Paws

2013-09-21 11:14:36

A model walks with a Jack Russell terrier presenting a creation by designers Karen Reichardt and Mariela Schiavo during the so-called "2013 Spring-Summer Caribbean Colour Paws" show in Buenos Aires, September 20, 2013.

Venezuela arrests ex-policemen who shamed new force

2013-09-21 10:21:48

Venezuelan authorities on Friday arrested six former policemen who appeared in uniform in a homemade video cursing and firing their pistols in the air, embarrassing a new national force set up to improve the police's dire image.

US House taunts Democrats with anti-Obamacare bill

2013-09-21 09:54:00

A familiar Washington melodrama - will they or won't they shut down the government - took center stage on Friday when the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed a bill to fund the government, but only if President Barack Obama's landmark healthcare law is ransacked.

NASA gives up on lost comet probe

2013-09-21 09:51:51

NASA is calling off attempts to find its Deep Impact comet probe after a suspected software glitch shut down radio communications in August, officials said on Friday.

BlackBerry warns of 4,500 job cuts

2013-09-21 09:30:02

BlackBerry Ltd warned on Friday it expects to report a huge quarterly operating loss next week and that it will cut more than a third of its global workforce, rekindling fears of the company's demise and sending its shares into a tailspin.

Starbucks' Internet safer than Pentagon's?

2013-09-21 00:02:37

Using the Wi-Fi connection at Starbucks was a better bet than risking putting confidential defense documents on a glitch-prone Pentagon computer network, a senior Defense Department official testified late on Thursday.

11 shot in Chicago park

2013-09-20 17:18:23

Thirteen people have been shot at a park on Chicago's southwest side, including a 3-year-old boy who was in critical condition.

UN must act on Syria: Kerry

2013-09-20 17:01:45

US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday it was essential that a Russia-US deal on eradicating Syria's chemical weapons arsenal be enforced.

Fed surprise: No pullback in bond purchases

2013-09-19 16:04:50

The Federal Reserve, not convinced that the US economy is healthy enough to ease its stimulus even slightly, surprised investors expecting a slight cut in the Fed's monthly bond purchases.
Asia stocks jump, Fed refrains from stimulus cut

Gunman's mother apologizes to US shooting victims

2013-09-19 11:14:42

The mother of the gunman who shot dead 12 people at a US navy base this week said she doesn't know why Aaron Alexis opened fire, but she is glad he can no longer hurt anyone else.