World leaders on the selfie stage

2014-05-28 06:59:56

World leaders are not immune to selfies and here are some lucky members of the public to have taken selfies alongside famous faces.

World leaders on the selfie stage

2014-05-28 06:59:05

Selfies have enjoyed increasing popularity as social networking becomes a worldwide phenomenon. World leaders are not immune to the craze and here are some lucky members of the public to have taken selfies alongside famous faces.

Obama not optimistic about Afghan future

2014-05-28 03:14:42

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday outlined a plan to withdraw all but 9,800 American troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year and pull out the rest by the end of 2016.

America's Global Surveillance Record

2014-05-26 15:30:19

As a superpower, America takes advantage of its political, economic, military and technological hegemony to spy without restraint on other countries, including its allies.

Candlelight vigil to mourn shooting victims in California

2014-05-26 13:58:20

UC Santa Barbara students attend a candlelight vigil following Friday's series of drive-by shootings that left 7 people dead in the Isla Vista section of Santa Barbara May 24, 2014.

Obama pays surprise visit to Afghanistan

2014-05-26 09:51:00

President Barack Obama signaled that he intends to keep a small number of troops in the country for training and counter-terrorism operations.

Senator to renew gun control push after California shooting spree

2014-05-26 01:55:49

US Senator Richard Blumenthal said on Sunday he wanted to revive gun control legislation rejected by Congress in the wake of the 2012 Newtown, Connecticut, school massacre, saying it could have helped prevent this weekend's deadly California shooting spree.

Obama pays surprised visit to Afghanistan

2014-05-26 01:45:16

Obama is not planning to meet President Hamid Karzai and the two leading presidential candidates of upcoming presidential runoff.

37,000 US flags planted in Boston Common for Memorial Day

2014-05-25 23:22:39

The 37,000 US flags are planted in memory of every fallen Massachusetts service member from the Revolutionary War to the present.

Gunman kills 6 in rampage in California college town

2014-05-25 15:55:59

A 22-year-old gunman killed six people before taking his own life in a rampage across a California college town, shortly after he posted a threatening video railing against women.

Walters gives archives to Sarah Lawrence College

2014-05-25 00:21:25

Barbara Walters is giving a trove of tapes, papers and photos from her five decades in journalism to Sarah Lawrence College, her alma mater.

Pre-book tour, Republicans try to define Clinton

2014-05-24 23:59:53

On any given day, Republicans call Hillary Rodham Clinton a deeply flawed future presidential candidate,or a formidable one.