Colorado starts selling retailer marijuana

Updated: 2014-01-02 13:10


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"I wanted to be one of the first to buy pot and no longer be prosecuted for it. This end of prohibition is long overdue," Phillips said.

A cheer from about 100 fellow customers as Phillips made his purchase, an eighth-ounce sampler pack containing four strains of weed - labeled with names such as "King Tut Kush" and "Gypsy Girl" - that sold for $45 including tax.

He also bought a child-proof carry pouch required by state regulations to transport his purchase out of the store.

Back at 3D Cannabis, two patrons from Blanchester, Ohio, - Brandon Harris and his friend Tyler Williams, both 24 - said they had been waiting since 2:30 am for doors to open.

"We wanted to be the first people from Ohio to buy it legally," Harris said.

Robin Hackett, 51, co-owner of Botana Care, said she expected between 800 to 1,000 first-day customers, and hired a private security firm to help with any traffic and parking issues that might arise.

Two inspectors from the Colorado Department of Revenue were on site as the shop was set to open. "We're just here to help with compliance issues," one of them, Dave Miller said.

Hackett said she has 50 lbs (23 kg) of product on hand, and to avoid a supply shortage the shop will limit purchases to quarter-ounces on Wednesday, including joints, raw buds, cannabis-infused edibles such as pastries or candies, and even infused soaps, oils and lotions.

Like other stores, Botana Care also stocked related wares, including pipes, rolling papers and bongs.

Voters in Washington state voted to legalize marijuana at the same time Colorado did, in November 2012, but Washington is not slated to open its first retail establishments until later in 2014.