Canada promotes beef in China

Updated: 2014-12-18 05:39

By WANG RU in Beijing(China Daily Canada)

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Canadian beef is entering the retail market of China's first tier cities and poised to be available in more regions.

On Tuesday in Beijing, the Canada Beef International Institute promoted the country's beef products with a cooking class for local media and released market-performance figures for Canadian beef in China as of October.

According to China Customs, Canadian beef exports to China from January to October 2014 were up 74 percent in dollar amount to $29.3 million. Since 2011, exports to China have increased significantly. In 2013, imports increased 427 percent year-on-year, reaching $24.56 million.

Zhao Chunye, director of business development of the Canada Beef International Institute in China, said he is optimistic about prospects for Canadian beef in China.

"Canada's environmental conditions including cool climate and fresh water make it an ideal place to raise cattle that produce excellent meat," said Zhao.

Canada is the world's top beef and cattle exporter. China has become a large-scale beef importer because domestic production cannot meet consumer demand.

To help the Chinese consumers appreciate the quality of Canadian beef, a series of Canadian beef cooking classes were held in Beijing starting on Oct 1 until this month.

The classes were jointly organized by the Alberta China Office and the Canada Beef International Institute in collaboration with the ABC Cooking Studio in Beijing.

As an exclusive branch of Canadian Beef Inc, the Canada Beef International Institute has offices in major export markets like Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Mexico.

Canada Beef Inc is an independent organization representing the research, marketing and promotion of the Canada's cattle and beef industry worldwide. Its goal is to increase demand for Canadian beef.

Canada's beef industry has internationally recognized livestock genetics and utilizes mostly Boss Taurus genetics, which include Angus, Charcoals, Hereford, Simmental and Limousine breeds to ensure beef quality.

Canadian cattle spend more than 80 percent of their lives grazing on grass and other forages in wide-open pastures, and then at feedlots they are given an optimal amount of grain fed.

Canada is also the world leader in feed-grain production, including barley, wheat and corn. High-quality feed grain enables Canada to produce well-marbled, good flavor and tender beef with colored fat that consumers prefer.