Live: Mainland fatalities identified

Updated: 2015-02-04 12:37

( / Agencies)

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6:01 pm
Death toll rises to 22

A total of 22 people have been confirmed dead by 6:10 pm, seven hours after a TransAsia Airways flight clipped an elevated roadway and careened into a river Wednesday, according to Taiwan-based central news agency.

5:48 pm
Plane manufacturer in response

The French-Italian manufacturer of the plane, ATR, said it is aware of the accident but has yet to confirm further details. More information will be issued after confirmation, according to the manufacture.

5:35 pm
20 people killed

The death toll has risen to 20 while the pilot and stewardesses remain unaccounted for as rescuers continue to search for survivors at the crash site. Of the 15 injured, 3 are from the mainland and 12 from Taiwan.

Live: Mainland fatalities identified

TransAsia senior executives bow to the public to apologize after a plane crashed into a river. [Photo/]

5:10 pm
TransAsia chief makes an apology

4:50 pm
Flight and data recorders retrieved

Live: Mainland fatalities identified

Rescuers carry the TransAsia Airways plane's Flight Data Recorder. [Photo/]