Strange but true: Getting ahead of the rest

Updated: 2015-04-16 16:06


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Fast food after quick workout does no harm

Strange but true: Getting ahead of the rest

Fast food after a workout may do as much good as dietary supplements. [Photo/IC]

Eating fast food after a workout may be just as beneficial to the body as dietary supplements, a study has shown.

Researchers found that during recovery between periods of exercise it doesn't matter what food is eaten.

In the study by University of Montana graduate Michael Cramer, 11 male athletes were asked to fast for 12 hours, before a 90-minute endurance workout. Afterwards half were fed hot cakes, hash browns and orange juice, followed by a burger, fries and a Coke two hours later. The other group were given Gatorade, organic peanut butter and Cliff Shot Blok energy bars, followed two hours later by Cytomax powder and PowerBar products.

Two hours after the second meal, all participants were asked to ride 20 kilometers on a stationary bike a fast as they good. After a week, the participants returned and performed the task again, this time switching their diet to the one they didn't have the first time.

Results showed no differences in insulin, glucose or cholesterol, while neither group reported any serious stomach discomfort. Also, levels of glycogen across the two groups were almost the same - with the fast food group being slightly higher.

Researchers said the experiment included a fairly small sample, and the long-term effects on workout recovery are not known.