Chinese ambassador warns US against escalating situation in S China Sea

Updated: 2015-05-30 17:10


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In responding to the question about the US defense relationships with Australia, the Philippines and other countries in Asia, Cui said that they should not be aimed at China as a rival or even an enemy.

It "will be most counterproductive and even stupid to have such a policy, such an anti-China policy and try to form military alliances that aim against China," he said.

The envoy also defended China's moves to install military facilities in the South China Sea, citing the need to protect the imports and exports of China that will go through these sea lanes.

"So stability in the region is of paramount importance to us. But of course we have to defend the facilities on these islands and reefs. So what we are doing is to provide or build up the necessary facilities for self-defense, not for attacking others," he said.

Cui also stressed that China's growing military strength and maybe presence is driven not by some grand strategy, but by the growing economic and other needs, since China's economy is becoming more and more integrated into the global economy.

Cui said China is ready to shoulder greater international responsibility as there is a growing expectation for China as it develops. "We are fully aware of this growing need for China to take up more responsibilities internationally. We are ready to do that," he said.

"I don't think people should see this as a kind of threat. We are responding to the economic needs. We are responding to growing international expectations. And we are ready to fulfill our international obligations," he said, adding this will open up a good opportunity for China, the United States and others to cooperate as there are so many global issues that cannot be resolved by one country alone.

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