Digital economy key for APEC

Updated: 2015-11-03 11:50

By ZHANG YUE in Washington(China Daily USA)

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This month's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting will emphasize the digital economy.

"We will continue to prepare to ensure that the Internet and the dissemination of new technology will lead to rapid change," said Matt Matthews, the US deputy assistant secretary for APEC. He spoke at a press conference in Washington to preview the APEC meeting, which will take place in Manila, Philippines, Nov 18-19.

"The Internet needs to be open to the market and for a free flow of information," he said. "A free flow of information is crucial for firms to make accurate decisions."

Environmental protection and energy efficiency, health care, and public-private partnerships are some of the other themes, Matthews said.

"APEC is important in Asia-Pacific economic structure, in advancing free and open trade and investment," he said. "It is where all member countries are able to enjoy friendly and open discussion and make these proposals real after the meeting. APEC will continue to play an important role in global economic development."

On health care, Matthews said that "the best way to improve health care efficiency is to take a look at where the systems are that are inconsistent with that goal, so we also need to work with other member countries of APEC to achieve that goal".

"We will require private sector assistance in looking at innovative medical products, the global standard in adapting and in applying them, and on infection control … in conjunction with the global health agenda."

Aviation in natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons and tsunamis will be another topic. Public-private partnerships in aviation natural disasters also will be a key theme.