China wins international praise for Yemen peace efforts

Updated: 2016-04-07 14:45

By Wang Xu(

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China's efforts in promoting peace in Yemen have been widely welcomed and appreciated by a number of countries, Special Envoy on the Middle East Issue Gong Xiaosheng told reporters during a press briefing on Wednesday.

Gong hosted the briefing just after his trip to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Oman, during which he held talks with several related parties. He also bolstered UN efforts in reaching a ceasefire agreement, to come into force on April 10, as well as helping get peace talks started in Kuwait on April 18.

Gong said he reiterated Beijing's position that disputes in Yemen should be solved through negotiations. "It is better than bloodshed," he said.

Gong said his suggestion that hotspot issues in the Middle East, including Yemen, Palestine, Syria and Libya be equally addressed and this had received widespread support.

There was also an urgent need, he added, to address post-war reconstruction and humanitarian aid while promoting political progress.

"Only a comprehensive solution, including political, economic, cultural aspects, and others, can really push forward the peace process and make a breakthrough in the Middle East," Gong added.

Saying China's increased involvement in the Middle East is not to challenge or replace the influence of any other country, Gong said that peace and stability is all that China wishes for the region.

Meanwhile, the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping may be China's greatest contribution to the peace process in the Middle East, he said, as it brings hope and benefits to people living in conflict zones and may help to create lasting prosperity.

The Silk Road is a road of peace, cooperation and communication and all parties have shown a great interest in it, Gong added.