China, South Africa vow to combat global warming

Updated: 2010-04-16 00:00
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BRASILIA, Brazil – China and South Africa vowed to continue their cooperation in combating climate change and to preserve the unity and common intersts of developing countries in bilateral talks here yesterday.

Chinese President Hu Jintao and South African President Jacob Zuma met Thursday on the sidelines of the second BRIC summit.

Originally scheduled for Friday, the summit was compressed and pushed forward to allow President Hu to leave for Beijing in response to the 6.9-magnitude quake that hit Qinghai province on Wednesday.

The BRIC summit brings together the leaders of the four largest emerging economies: Brazil, India, Russia, and China.

“China and South Africa cooperated closely at the Copenhagen Climate Change conference, and have made positive efforts to implement the Copenhagen Accord,” said Hu.

“China is willing to work together with South Africa to achieve positive results at the Mexico climate change conference, and to preserve the unity and common interests of the developing countries,” he added.

Zuma said the strategic parternship between China and South Africa benefits not only the two countries, but is also conducive to South-South cooperation.

“South Africa appreciates the important role that China has played at the United Nations Copenhagen climate change conference, which has achieved positive results with the efforts of the two countries and related parties,” Zuma said.

“I hope the two countries strenthen their cooperation at the Mexico climate change conference, and push for further progress in the global anti-climate change endeavor,” he added.

Zuma also pledged to continue to cooperate with China under the framework of the G- 20 group and to work together to preserve the interests of developing countries.

Zuma is in Braizil for the fourth summit of India, Brazil and South Africa.