• A billionaire keen to show heart of gold

    One of the country's first billionaires, Chen Guangbiao, has just returned from a one-week charity management course in New York.
  • Mission possible for Yang Liwei

    The first Chinese man in space has an important desk job now, but is hoping to fly once more to the heavens.
  • Chiseled to perfection

    With its freezing winter temperatures, Harbin in Northeast China is emerging as a standard setter in the world of ice sculptures.


The way of the fist

Shaolin Temple charts aggressive expansion plan to cash in on growing demand for kungfu.

Mysterious pottery

Tri-colored glazed pottery utensils of the Tang Dynasty were usually rounded and full in shape in accordance with the aesthetic values of the time.

Laowai’s “list”

Following are an amusing lists of foreign visitors’ most cherished trivialities during their stint in China.

When wedding bells ring

Compounding matters was the long ‘to do’ list: taking wedding photos at studios and scenic spots, reserving a hotel for the wedding banquet, booking wedding limos, selecting the wedding dress, and buying necessities for the marital celebration.

Secret of the bamboo code

Understanding cryptic slips from the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) is a painstaking process.

A funny bunny made of jade

A gray-cyan jade rabbit pendant is set to have viewers hopping to it as the Year of the Rabbit dawns.

Afternoon at the opera

An ancient art form may be losing some of its appeal on the mainland but still packs in the crowds in Hong Kong.

Glitzy gala features foreign faces

A star-studded multinational cast will make the Spring Festival Global Gala hosted by Beijing Television Station stand out.

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  • Still among the best

    Maison Boulud once again proved why it is considered one of the best both in terms of quality and service.
  • Party poultry

    There will be many meals to prepare as family and friends gather during the Spring Festival break.
  • New beginnings at Da Dong

    Chef Dong Zhenxiang continues to stride along confidently with his new takes on classic dishes.


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China's largest bank is to acquire 80 percent of a Bank of East Asia's US unit.

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