Intention good, imposition tough

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Updated: 2011-01-10 08:04
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Comment on "Visiting parents soon a legal must-do" (China Daily, Jan 6)

According to the report, the Chinese government plans to revise the law on Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly, and make it a legal duty for people to visit their aged parents "often".

The report quotes an official with the Ministry of Civil Affairs as saying that elderly people who are ignored by their children can go to the courts for help.

It's good to encourage, or even "force" people to visit their parents often or regularly. It's a crucial issue because China faces an aging population.

Many of the senior citizens who are abandoned by their sons and/or daughters lead a miserable life. But I am afraid that this amendment will be difficult to implement.

For example, what about people who live hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from their parents? It is not easy for them to visit their parents frequently.

And how often would be "often" enough?

The requirement is ambiguous and hard to define. I think the authorities should think more thoroughly and dig into more details before making it a law.

Tristan, on China Daily website

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