Great Wall hikers beware

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Updated: 2011-01-11 07:59
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Comment on "Great Wall named top dangerous location" (China Daily, Jan 6)

I am not surprised to know that the Jiankou section of the Great Wall in Huairou district has become the most dangerous outdoor location in Beijing. Six accidents were reported from the Jiankou section of the Great Wall in 2010, the highest at any outdoor location in Beijing.

Some of my friends have told me recently that they met with danger in Jiankou when they went hiking there. Fortunately, though, they returned safely.

Admittedly, Jiankou is a dangerous spot because of its natural environment. But that is not the crux of the matter.

Just as the report says, professional hiking guide doesn't recommend amateur hikers to venture into Jiankou. Amateur hikers face greater risks because they lack sound hiking training and necessary mountaineering equipment.

But sometimes people go hiking in dangerous areas just for excitement, which is a risky affair. People who are not experienced and skillful hikers should think twice before they do so.

Those who insist on taking the Great Wall's trail in Jiankou despite the risks should make full preparations to prevent unnecessary accidents. Outdoor sports is fun but only if it is without tragedies.

Allen, via e-mail

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