Waste disposal the modern way

(China Daily)
Updated: 2011-01-25 07:56
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The fact that legal management has been made part of urban waste management should be appreciated, because urban waste management should focus on advanced and feasible ideas and measures, says an article in Beijing Times. Excerpts:

No matter how modern a city is, it has to devise a proper waste disposal system. Poor waste management can sooner or later cause a lot of unforeseen problems for a city's administrators and expose the local government's lack of scientific waste disposal system.

Beijing is planning to issue its first specific regulation on waste classification and disposal.

We don't know the possible advance techniques and measures that will be used, but we certainly know that one of the important new measures would be to charge people a certain amount of fee to dispose the garbage they generate. Perhaps people will have to pay according to the amount of waste they generate.

Though it is difficult to make this a standard practice, that does not mean a feasible system to collect fees cannot be established. It is important that new urban waste management regulations convey more advanced ideas and adopt modern means instead of focusing only on charging a fee for waste disposal.

We don't lack knowledge and measures to manage urban waste.

What we need to do is to solicit people's opinion and ideas for such a policy.