China to increase demand in domestic PV market

Updated: 2013-07-19 09:55


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The government has introduced a new stimulus package to boost the development of the country's domestic photovoltaic (PV) industry. Experts say the new policies on PV prices and subsidies are much needed. Especially with the EU's dual investigation shedding light on the issue, the new policies will help to reinvigorate the market.

The new PV stimulus package to offset EU barriers and to boost PV use in the domestic market.

Just one year after announcing an increase in its cumulative PV capacity target to 21 million kilowatts for 2015, the government is raising the target to 35 million kW.

The government is also encouraging the expansion of small-scale distributed PV generation, such as residential PV installations, throughout the country.

Industry insiders have calculated the new goal will create market demand totalling 100 billion yuan.

"(I think) The industry can not be purely elevated from government policy, but rather help the industry to go through a very difficult time. As time goes on, the industry still have to grow on its own. Therefore as I said it's an AID for the industry in its worst time, but it can not help in the long run." Chen Jiahe, Global Mkt Analyst, Cinda Securities said.

Chinese PV companies are keen to expand their user coverage to gain more influence in the global market.

"We also work on a variety of exhibitions and various network platforms to develop our customer base and ensure we enhance development while the trade dispute is ongoing." Li Xiangsong, VP Sales of Green Energy Tech Co ltd, said.

Despite the increasing trade tension between China and the EU. Experts say to overcome the fundamental difficulties - Chinese solar panel companies should increase their input in research and development and make innovation their most competitive strength. They must accrue more knowledge and experience to adjust their production and marketing strategies to a changing international market.

China to increase demand in domestic PV market