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Experience beauty of autumn along the roads

[2017-08-23 06:10]

As the weather gets chilly, autumn is coming. Let's check out some of the most beautiful roads in China to fully experience the harvest season.

Artist showcases iPad art at exhibition

[2017-08-22 16:29]

Many artists today create works on tablets for convenience, such as celebrated British artist David Hockney who draws using an iPad.

Top 5 industrial robot producers in China

[2017-08-23 06:40]

Let's take a look at China's top 5 industrial robot producers.

Children test survival skills in woods and on water

[2017-08-23 08:54]

Abandoning video games and air-conditioners, a group of 10-year-old children choose to learn skills that their hero Bear Grylls displays on TV, in Yanqing district in Beijing this summer.

Total solar eclipse sweeps across the US

[2017-08-22 07:48]

A total solar eclipse sweeps across America on August 21, 2017.

Chinese models begin to dominate nation's catwalks

[2017-08-22 08:09]

Foreign faces no longer have the edge in the domestic modeling scene.

Top 10 AI innovation startups in China

[2017-08-22 06:48]

Let's take a look at China's top 10 AI innovation startups this year.

Hard to say goodbye to their parents

[2017-08-22 07:22]

As summer vacation comes to an end, many children of migrant workers who traveled to big cities to spend time with their parents must say goodbye.

15 global organizations to attend WRC 2017

[2017-08-21 06:54]

With the theme "win-win collaborative innovation toward the building of an intelligent society", this year's WRC will bring the best minds in the industry to Beijing.

Chinese tourists joins crowd at Cambridge

[2017-08-21 07:55]

The campus of Britain's Cambridge University is overwhelmed with tourists from all over the world during summer, with many of them Chinese.

Building greener, cleaner China

[2017-08-20 08:51]

Over the past few years, China has made remarkable achievements in environmental protection and green development. Let's have a look at this progress.

'World's Largest Paint Party' comes to Shanghai

[2017-08-21 07:47]

Partygoers have fun at Life In Color, also known as "World's Largest Paint Party", which was held in Shanghai on Aug 19.

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