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China has glitter for dealer of diamonds

[2014-12-03 07:12]

It calls its product "symbolic of the Hollywood and red-carpet lifestyle", and now the Boston-based jewelry company Hearts On Fire will try to sell that image in China, the world's fastest-growing market for diamond jewelry, by opening a store in Shanghai this month and planning to launch more than 300 in China by 2019.

A buck to the Year of the Goat

[2014-12-03 06:58]

The Year of the Goat may be 2015, but the number 8 is in the spotlight as the United States Treasury celebrates Chinese culture with its latest issuance of Lucky Money.

China-US Internet Forum in DC

[2014-12-03 03:25]

Lu Wei, minister of State Internet Information Office, delivers his keynote speech on Tuesday morning at the 7th China US Internet Industry Forum being held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington.

Chinatown told through photos of peoples' rooms

[2014-12-02 11:33]

There are pig trinkets, pig-shaped mugs and pig figurines bursting from shelves. Stuffed pig dolls are strewn across a bed.

Group wedding before setting sail

[2014-12-02 11:04]

Eighteen couples celebrated a group wedding on a warship at a military harbor in Qingdao, Shandong province.

Guangzhou zoo is home to five generations of koalas

[2014-12-02 10:37]

A zoo in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, has nurtured 50 koalas over the past eight years.

Creative products by Palace Museum

[2014-12-02 10:36]

The Palace Museum has been making efforts to change its solemn and dull image. One of its initiatives is new souvenirs that are fun and cute.

World AIDS Day marked around the world

[2014-12-02 10:30]

World AIDS Day is marked worldwide annually on 01 December to raise awareness of those living with the virus.

Top 10 favorite gift brands of rich Chinese men

[2014-12-02 07:59]

The wealthy Chinese women like to give alcohol and watches to men, and both men and women like to give women jewelries, clothes and watches.

UN climate change conference kicks off in Lima

[2014-12-02 03:38]

The United Nations Climate Change Conference begins Monday in Lima, Peru.

Sisters-in-arms bid farewell

[2014-12-01 16:14]

Seventeen women veterans from the fourth squadron of the second team of Beijing Armed Police Corps took part in a farewell ceremony on Nov 23, according to The Beijing News.

Kung Fu Panda in Hangzhou

[2014-12-01 13:31]

Two three-year-old pandas play with each other in a Hangzhou zoo on Sunday.

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