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Performers wanted for Shanghai Disney park

[2016-06-02 08:18]

Instead, managing an epic, year-long casting for the 1,000 performers for marquee musicals such as The Lion King and all manner of other acts that make the Magic Kingdom such a powerful draw, has proved more challenging.

New law protects ancient villages in Southwest China's Lhasa

[2016-06-02 10:51]

A law to protect Lhasa's ancient villages, effective since June 1, creates a legal basis for the protection of the ancient villages in Lhasa which have a long history and profound cultural value for the Tibetan ethnic group.

Kids with HIV in Shanxi's Red Ribbon School

[2016-06-02 08:51]

Liu Liping, a teacher, holds a student at Red Ribbon School in Linfen, North China's Shanxi province, May 30, 2016. The school named "Red Ribbon", the HIV/AIDS awareness symbol, was founded in 2011. A total of 32 congenital HIV carrier students are living in the school.

Heavy rain turns Wuhan into 'seaside' city

[2016-06-02 07:51]

A man takes shelter on the roof of a car in Wuhan city, Hubei province, June 1, 2016. The city recorded the heaviest rain on Wednesday night, with rainfall in some areas reaching 115 millimeters.

Photos: Little royals on the Children's Day

[2016-05-31 17:39]

The children of royalty and politicians around the world are used to the spotlight since birth. With Children's Day coming on June 1, let's take a look at some of the cute pictures of these privileged kids.

Pure love: Chinese 'little prince'and his fox

[2016-05-31 16:35]

Lu Mao, a young illustrator who creats a fox named Bu and healing pictures that warm many people.

Then and now: Recreating that child-like smile

[2016-06-01 15:32]

Then and now: recreating that child-like smile

Young teacher's heartfelt love for the students

[2016-06-01 10:25]

Chen Qiuju, 25, has been teaching at a village school in Sichuan Province for eight years, ever since she graduated from a local teachers' training school. She has devoted herself heart and soul to the children in this rural area.

Robot-themed café debuts in East China's Shanghai

[2016-05-31 13:50]

As the first of its kind integrating science, technology, education and interactive experience, the café, called Airobot Coffee, caused online sensation.

Students' special group photos to mark graduation

[2016-05-31 12:50]

June is the graduation season for college students in China and graduates in Shenyang Agricultural University design a series of creative group photos taken by drones to mark the conclusion of their school life.

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