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Horse patrol in NW China

[2012-07-03 13:11]

A horse patrol team was established in February to help protect the county of Zhaosu, Ili Kazak autonomous prefecture in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous retion.

Ballet popular during summer vacation

[2012-07-03 11:04]

Every summer vacation students in China are busy participating in different interest classes.

Cost of medicine falls as health reform starts

[2012-07-03 07:27]

All public hospitals in the southern boomtown of Shenzhen and one in Beijing have begun scrapping their drug markups.

Stronger ties offer greater protection

[2012-07-02 20:45]

China and Japan are creating opportunities to strengthen relations to safeguard themselves against global economic turbulence.Full coverage Call to end dispute over islands Food and music boost ties

Chen Ning Yang celebrates his 90th birthday

[2012-07-02 13:59]

Tsinghua University held an academic forum to celebrate physicist and Nobel Prize winner Chen Ning Yang's 90th birthday on June 30 in Beijing along with his wife Weng Fan.

Shenzhou mission sparks 'science fever'

[2012-07-02 01:56]

The launch and safe return of the Shenzhou IX spacecraft has ignited an outbreak of "popular science fever" in China.

China, Japan 'can lead the way'

[2012-07-02 01:17]

China and Japan should work closer together amid the deepening European debt crisis to tackle regional and global economic problems.

Hu gives vision for Hong Kong

[2012-07-02 00:57]

President stresses importance of the Basic Law, stability and developing leaders of the future.

Sports tourism fueled by UK Games

[2012-07-02 00:50]

With less than one month to go to the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games, luxury tourism packages to the UK have attracted interest from wealthy Chinese and corporate clients.

Chinese art improves Sino-Japan ties

[2012-07-01 22:01]

Zhao Qizheng (R), presents a traditional Chinese painting titled "to help each other and overcome the difficulties" to Yuji Miyamoto, former Japanese Ambassador to China during a welcome dinner for the eighth Beijing-Tokyo Forum.

China's summer travel peak begins

[2012-07-01 16:40]

China's summer travel peak which starts on July 1 and ends on August 31 is estimated to transport 372 million people, 21.6m more than last year, with a daily volume of 6 million.

Storms leave millions without power in US

[2012-07-01 11:35]

Nearly 4 million homes and businesses were without power on Saturday amid a record heat wave in the eastern United States after deadly thunderstorms.

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