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Chinese president arrives in Argentina for state visit

[2014-07-19 02:46]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has arrived in Buenos Aires for a state visit to Argentina, the second leg of his four-nation Latin America tour.

China, Brazil strengthen close ties

[2014-07-18 13:53]

China and Brazil, the two leading emerging economies, consolidated their booming partnership on Thursday with more than 50 cooperation agreements in economic, cultural and political sectors signed during Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Brazil.

Closer ties between China, US start with students

[2014-07-18 13:53]

This summer Steve Losos from Chicago, who attends Illinois Wesleyan University, and Fernando Braga, a New Yorker from Vassar College, were linked together because of the first ever US-China Student Summit (USCSS) in Beijing.

Chinese banking delegation visits Bay Area

[2014-07-18 13:53]

A delegation of senior level Chinese government officials and banking executives started a week-long executive training program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business this week.

Robert Hormats: 94 visits to China give him special insight

[2014-07-18 09:15]

On an autumn day in 1980 at a noodle stand in Xi'an, a city in northwestern China, when Robert Hormats was asked by a local official to try some street food, a few young Chinese children came to greet him in English.

Empress Wu Zetian to land in New York

[2014-07-18 04:08]

Empress Wu Zetianto land in New York

Dragon boat awakening

[2014-07-18 00:10]

Shaolin Martial Artists perform at the Traditional Dragon Boat Awakening ceremony in Central Park on Thursday for the 24th annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, which will take place on August 9-10.

Hainan buys 50 new Boeing 737s

[2014-07-17 11:53]

Boeing and Hainan Airlines today announced that they are finalizing terms of a purchase agreement for 50 fuel-efficient 737 MAX 8s, reaffirming the Chinese airline's preference for an all-Boeing single-aisle fleet.

Ruling may shake-up trade

[2014-07-17 11:53]

A US Court of Appeals ruling that President Barack Obama violated the due process rights of a Chinese-owned corporation by blocking its purchase of a wind-farm company could shake up the process for foreign firms looking to acquire assets in the US, according to Washington-based lawyers.

Xi: Respect cyber sovereignty

[2014-07-17 11:53]

Chinese leader stresses increasing responsibilities of emerging nations

Deepening ties with a region

[2014-07-17 10:31]

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