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Baidu introduces smart bike

[2014-11-22 10:13]

Chinese tech company Baidu is launching a smart bike that can help you make friends and exercise effectively, and it shuns thefts.

Culture Insider: 7 things you may not know about Minor Snow

[2014-11-22 08:30]

Minor Snow, the 20th solar term of the year, begins this year on Nov 22 and ends on Dec 7.

The future of the Asian Pacific

[2014-11-22 06:52]

Samuel J. Locklear III, commander of US Pacific Command, delivers a speech on the future of the Asian Pacific at Stanford University on Friday.

Early start to family life

[2014-11-21 23:04]

In the villages of southwestern Yunnan province, some girls as young as 12 marry and have babies, driven by poverty and cultural traditions. In most case, their husbands are also in their teens.

Practitioners adapt old operas to fit modern lifestyles, tastes

[2014-11-21 15:23]

Traditionally, a Tibetan opera take several days to perform. Palden Wangchuk, a leading Tibetan opera performer, believes that is one reason the art is in danger of dying.

Lantern festival coming to California

[2014-11-21 15:23]

Global Winter Wonderland, the largest Lantern Festival outside of China, will be held at Cal Expo in Sacramento, California, from Nov 22 to Jan 4, 2015.

Peng Liyuan visits Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand

[2014-11-21 09:39]

Peng Liyuan visits Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand.

Photos reveal China scenes in the 1930s

[2014-11-21 09:38]

American Hyland Lyon, who piloted a private plane for Chang Hsueh-liang and worked for AP as a photographer at the same time, took many invaluable photographs during his time in China.

IT titans at WIC excited about future

[2014-11-21 07:11]

Technology experts and chief executives at the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, full of optimism for the future of the booming industry.

Painful search for reunion

[2014-11-21 07:00]

Hope and hopelessness, which is more painful? For those who have lost their beloved families, hope can be both comforting and heartbreaking.

Culture Insider: Popular gifts in past decades

[2014-11-21 07:00]

As time and the economy change, so do gifts. Food, books, cigarettes and wine were popular during a certain period. Nowadays people prefer things with special characteristics.

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