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East China city to build ping-pong hotel

[2011-03-23 16:51]

Chinese love ping-pong so much that an eastern city decides to build a giant hotel in its fashion. The racket-shaped architecture won't be alone. Stadiums looking like football, basketball and volleyball are also in the making. The overall price tag? 1.8 billion yuan.

Teaching monks the art of football

[2011-03-23 16:16]

Shaolin Temple set up a football school for young students at the temple's martial art training base, and employed Tchami as coach.

Snapshots: the world in 24 hours, March 22

[2011-03-23 15:02]

Collection of pictures shot on Mar 22 around the world.

Former karaoke hall is nothing to sing about

[2011-03-23 14:09]

For the city's growing migrant workers, the karaoke hall-turned slum house is their only affordable, if not presentable, living place. But how about safety? They can't afford to care too much.

Bombs used to blast away ice

[2011-03-23 13:06]

Bombs are dropped over a section of the Yellow River to blast floating ice, near Erdos city, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, March 22, 2011.

The freewheelin' Bob Dylan tour

[2011-03-23 07:47]

Bob Dylan probably wouldn't think much of his China tour coverage by Xinmin Evening News, one of Shanghai's most-read newspapers. The photo it used for a story about him on March 4 turned out to be that of Willie Nelson.

US jet crashes in Libya, pilots safe

[2011-03-23 07:04]

Muammar Gadhafi's forces attacked two west Libyan towns after coalition forces bombarded Libya for a third straight night

Snapshots: the world in 24 hours, March 21

[2011-03-22 20:22]

Collection of pictures shot on Mar 21 around the world.

China's Sany offers pump to Japan

[2011-03-22 15:31]

A truck mounted concrete pump, being offered by Sany Heavy Industry free of charge to Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEP) to help water spraying operations at the Fukushima nuclear plant, is to be shipped to Japan from Shanghai port, March 22, 2011.

New five-year plan would bring confidence to the world

[2011-03-22 09:28]

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said on Monday that China's 12th Five-Year Plan has brought hope and confidence not only to China, but also to the entire world.

No country for Alzheimer's patients

[2011-03-22 07:43]

Xu Renmin's favorite activity is to ride in an elevator, up and down, up and down. He prefers this to joining other patients in the recreation room of a Beijing nursing home.

Balancing a cracking old tradition

[2011-03-21 17:28]

The Chinese tradition of balancing eggs on the day of the vernal equinox is said to be 4,000 years old.

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