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Millions are traveling by road, rail

[2011-02-08 11:31]

Travellers came out from Suzhou Railway Station,east China's Jiangsu province on Feb 7,the fifth day of Chinese Lunar Spring Festival, which carries meaning of "come out from home" in traditional Chinese customers. The number of travellers returning to major big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou raises sharply yesterday.

UN calls for peace in border disputes

[2011-02-08 10:15]

Cambodian and Thai troops clashed briefly on Monday for a fourth straight day as UN chief Ban Ki-moon called for "maximum restraint" in a border dispute that has claimed six lives.

Fire breaks out in Ciqikou ancient town

[2011-02-08 09:11]

Smoke comes out of a fire scene in Ciqikou ancient town of southwest China's Chongqing municipality, Feb 7, 2011.

Romance for rent

[2011-02-08 08:57]

For young, single city professionals, the Spring Festival holidays present many reasons to be fearful: standing in line for hours to get a train ticket, exhausting long journeys, stuffing red envelopes with cash.

85 tribal Muslim and Hindu couples tie knot

[2011-02-07 16:03]

A total of 85 tribal Muslim and Hindu couples from various villages across the state took their wedding vows on Sunday during the day-long mass marriage ceremony organised by a non-governmental organisation

Snapshots: The world in 24 hours Feb 6

[2011-02-07 15:31]

A collection of pictures taken throughout the world on Feb 6,2011.

Festival spirit helps keep home connection alive

[2011-02-07 10:50]

For families that have adopted children from China, the Chinese New Year is more than a chance to enjoy good food and great company. It's also about maintaining a connection with a culture that is not entirely their own.

The world in 24 hours Feb 5

[2011-02-06 16:24]

collections of photos taken by Feb 5,2011 around the world

Lanterns lit up to celebrate Spring Festival

[2011-02-06 15:22]

Giant rabbit lanterns with other lantern decerations are seen at Xinlei Park of Puyang City, Central China's Henan province, Feb 4, 2011 during the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Folk art performances at Beijing Temple Fair

[2011-02-06 14:13]

Many folk artists come to the fair, performing folk stunt to local residents in Beijing Longtan Fair.

New START treaty takes effect

[2011-02-06 10:43]

A new nuclear arms treaty between the United States and Russia is permitted to possess took effect Saturday.

Soldiers celebrate Spring Festival off Aden

[2011-02-05 11:12]

Soldiers perform on the deck of the Qiandaohu comprehensive supply ship to celebrate the Chinese Lunar new year of the rabbit on Feb 2, 2011.

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