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Naadam Festival in Xinlingol

[2013-08-09 02:29]

The festival runs through Sunday. Featuring a range of sports and artistic events, the fair is the region’s largest traditional festival and this year attracted around 3,000 athletes.

Muslims gather for Eid holiday

[2013-08-09 02:12]

According to tradition, Muslims marking the end of the Ramadan fast go to the house of the most elderly relative to pay their respects first.

Chengdu stores ban bear bile

[2013-08-09 02:06]

Around 150 Chinese drugstores in Chengdu announced on Thursday that they would stop selling products containing bear bile powder, giving a boost to animal rights activists in China's long-running debate over the extraction of bile from live bears.

China through the lens

[2013-08-09 00:43]

It has been 30 years since Chinese-American photographer Liu Heung Shing published his photography book China after Mao. The Pulitzer-prize winner is presenting, for the first time in China, 115 of his pictures at China Art Museum in Shanghai, until Aug 27.

Public retains Olympic spirit on Fitness Day

[2013-08-08 23:58]

The Olympic legacy still benefits China's general public as witnessed by the enthusiasm for National Fitness Day on Thursday.

Li Na dominates at Rogers Cup

[2013-08-08 07:01]

Li Na dominated her first rain- delayed match at Rogers Cup in the Canadian city of Toronto Wednesday against Russia's Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, yielding a 6- 1, 6-4 victory.

China has a new 'tallest building'

[2013-08-08 02:25]

The final steel beam was placed atop the Shanghai Tower, making the structure China's newest "tallest building" and a standing testament to the country's construction frenzy.

Crafting a town

[2013-08-08 02:16]

Cicheng is an ancient town with a rich history, but instead of attracting tourists to its picturesque streets, it hopes to lure designers with its exquisite culture of handicrafts.

China helps out energy-starved Pakistan

[2013-08-08 01:28]

With an ongoing energy shortage affecting nearly every household in Pakistan, several Chinese power companies and institutes are working closely with the nation's government to take advantage of its natural resources and increase electricity production.

Heat wave expected to break in mid-August

[2013-08-08 00:33]

After record-setting temperatures in southern regions of the country this summer, meteorologists say temperatures will begin to fall after mid-August.

Tale as old as the grassland

[2013-08-08 00:23]

Hailar is not just famous for its scenery. The transit city is home to many legends, as Wang Kaihao finds out.

Faces of fun and fear at Korean boot camp

[2013-08-07 15:50]

A young Korean looks frightened to tears as they jump from a high building as part a military training camp which was held by the Republic of Korea Army Special Warfare Command (ROKASWC) in Seoul, South Korea, August 7, 2013.

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