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Storm swamps car insurance firms

[2013-10-14 23:57]

Car insurance companies have received tens of thousands of claims from drivers after Shanghai was lashed by a fierce rainstorm last week, the heaviest to hit the city in five decades.

Canton Fair to promote yuan use

[2013-10-14 23:53]

Transactions during the China Import and Export Fair, the country's largest trade event, will be for the first time announced in the form of yuan settlement, organizers said on Monday.

3 US economists share 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics

[2013-10-14 20:31]

The 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to US economists Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert Shiller for their empirical analysis of asset prices, announced the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on Monday.

Vintage cars gather in downtown Beijing

[2013-10-14 15:14]

Forty vintage cars of world famous brands are exhibited on the bustling commercial street of Wangfujing in Beijing, capital of China, Oct 11, 2013.

Rioting erupts in Moscow

[2013-10-14 09:22]

Rioters smashed shop windows, stormed a warehouse and clashed with police in a Moscow neighbourhood on Sunday.

Working group to discuss sea issues

[2013-10-14 00:56]

China and Vietnam will establish a bilateral working group to discuss joint maritime development, a move analysts said is a "breakthrough" for the neighbors to peacefully handle disputes.
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Chinese education for Thai students

[2013-10-14 00:23]

If I had not been to the Chongfha Sin Seng School on Sunday to cover Premier Li Keqiang's visit, I would never have imagined students in another country could get a traditional Chinese education, an opportunity that has almost disappeared in China itself.

Senate leads hunt for shutdown and debt deal

[2013-10-14 00:11]

Senators put faith in party leaders to devise a plan that would reopen the government and steer clear of a potential, saying it's unthinkable that political obstinacy would prevent the US from paying its bills.
US fiscal negotiations sputter as deadline nears
Deal to resolve fiscal crisis stalls in Congress

Vietnam buries heroic general

[2013-10-13 23:58]

Hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of Vietnam's capital on Sunday to bid a final farewell to the legendary war hero who led the Southeast Asian nation to victory over French and then US soldiers.

Draft regulation raises fines for polluters

[2013-10-13 23:46]

Beijing is weighing whether to remove its upper limit on fines for violating air pollution regulations next year.
Road to clean air starts with new energy vehicles
Other measures for the capital to become green

Other measures for the capital to become green

[2013-10-13 23:42]

Beijing is striving to make its coal-fired heating facilities go green in response to public concern over the city’s poor air quality, especially during the heating season.

Road to clean air starts with new energy vehicles

[2013-10-13 23:36]

According to the capital's five-year Clear Air Action Plan unveiled in September, authorities aim to cut annual gasoline and diesel fuel consumption in 2017 by 5 percent of 2012 levels.

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