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Walk on magical curved steel sculpture

[2011-11-19 09:39]

Visitors walk on "Tiger and Turtle - Magic Mountain", a 20-metre (66 ft) high and 120 ton (109,000 kg) heavy galvanized curved steel sculpture that looks like a roller coaster, in Duisburg November 18, 2011.

China, DPRK aim to increase military exchanges, cooperation

[2011-11-19 09:25]

China and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) said they will strengthen military exchanges and cooperation following an official goodwill visit by a senior Chinese military delegation to the DPRK.

Controversy dogs popular ancient cuisine

[2011-11-19 08:17]

Some Chinese animal welfare groups are challenging an old Chinese tradition that has a history thousands of years old - eating dogs.

Wen: China is a 'good neighbor'

[2011-11-19 07:46]

Premier Wen Jiabao on Friday assured Southeast Asian nations that Beijing has no aggressive intentions.

China's volleyball team wins Olympics ticket

[2011-11-18 20:01]

China beats Germany on Friday in their last match of FIVB women's volleyball World Cup, winning a London 2012 Olympic Games ticket.

Young victims of school bus crash mourned

[2011-11-18 10:52]

Mourning ceremony held for school bus victims

Yao Ming 'totally lost' in 1st math class

[2011-11-18 10:43]

Chinese basketball legend Yao Ming revealed that he did not grasp his first mathematics lesson at all in a speech Wednesday in Beijing.

British minister visits pandas to be sent to Edinburgh

[2011-11-18 09:58]

Britain's Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Jeremy Browne, sits beside a panda at a research base in Ya'an city, Southwest China's Sichuan province, on Nov 17, 2011.

Who's hot, who's not in China sports (Nov 12 –18)

[2011-11-18 09:04]

Who's hot, who's not in China sports (Nov 12 –18)

Bali summit to focus on regional development

[2011-11-18 07:02]

ASEAN does not want specific political and security issues to become topics of discussion at the approaching East Asia Summit, the Indonesian president told Premier Wen Jiabao.
US and Russia on board for East Asia Summit
China's loan pledge coming to group

Shenzhou-8 spacecraft returns to Earth

[2011-11-17 20:15]

China's unmanned spacecraft Shenzhou-8 landed in north China Thursday evening, after completing the country's first-ever space docking mission.

'Iron Brothers' create their own kingdom

[2011-11-17 17:15]

Zhu Kefeng founded the "Iron Brothers" group in 2001, to produce steel artwork using all sorts of scrap metal.

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