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The world in photos: Feb 13-19

[2017-02-20 10:27]

From natural disasters and anti-Trump protests to festivals and dog shows, here are some of the most striking images captured around the world last week.

No defense allowed as West beats East in All-Star game

[2017-02-20 12:45]

Anthony Davis set an All-Star record with 52 points and Westbrook added 41 points to carry the Western Conference to a 192-182 victory.

Historic bridge in Jiangxi province re-opens to public

[2017-02-20 10:17]

Qianyan Bridge, the longest stone bridge across a lake in China, has officially re-openned to the public after a major restoration.

Hukou Waterfall roars as frozen river melts

[2017-02-20 07:35]

Visitors watch the roaring Hukou Waterfall on the Yellow River in Linfen, Shanxi province, Feb 18, 2017. The frozen river melts as temperature rises.

NBA all-star weekend: All you need to know

[2017-02-17 11:10]

NBA all-star weekend: All you need to know

Shanghai (1996-2017): Changes through the lens

[2017-02-16 15:25]

A photograph captures a moment in time; it becomes an image that can last in the mind and remain as a picture of a particular place. However, China, with its rapid pace of change, what was recorded only a few years before can so quickly become history.

The serious business of money counting

[2017-02-17 08:21]

All the bus fares paid by commuters in Kunming ends up at Kunming Public Transportation's cashier center in Southwest China's Yunnan province, on Feb 15, 2017. Money counter, Xiao Qiong, said she often counts so much money she gets cramps in her fingers.

Isolated village thrives on tourism

[2017-02-17 06:58]

Hidden amongst verdant fields and mountains in North China's Shanxi province is a small village where people here have lived in relative seclusion for generations.

Lemon festival brings Broadway to France

[2017-02-16 13:35]

Sculpture made with lemons and oranges depicts musicals during the 84th Lemon festival around the theme "Broadway" in Menton, France.

Female celebrities feature in Chinese-style fashion photos

[2017-02-16 10:59]

Chinese model Du Juan has featured in a series of Chinese-style photos, bringing a touch of exotic elegance to world fashion circles. She's the latest female celebrity to have embraced Chinese-style photos.

Evolving China: American journalist's perspective over 50 years

[2017-02-16 11:31]

In 1957, American journalist Robert Carl Cohen became the first American to film PRC. Let's take a closer look at the Chinese story through his eyes.

Paid dog walkers are a dog's best friend

[2017-02-15 13:23]

The pet care service's prospects are good as pet lovers are increasing in China.

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