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Snare suspected in Siberian tiger's death

[2011-10-29 21:04]

The suspected cause of a recent death of a wild Siberian tiger was a neck snare, says an animal expert.

Icebreaker leaves for Antarctic expedition

[2011-10-29 16:56]

Members of China's 28th Antarctic exploration team get on board the icebreaker Xuelong, or "Snow Dragon" in Shanghai, Oct 29, 2011. The vessel will make a stop in the northern port city Tianjin, and is expected to set sail for the mission on Nov 3.

Qantas grounds all aircraft over labour dispute

[2011-10-29 15:58]

Australia's Qantas Airways said on Saturday it was grounding all aircraft over a labour dispute, a move that would cost it A$20 million ($21.4 million) a day.

Heavy fog envelopes North China

[2011-10-29 15:23]

Heavy fog will shroud China's northern provinces from Friday evening to Saturday morning, while cold fronts will bring rain and snow to northwestern region, China's top meteorological authority said.

Giant hot pot feast in SW China

[2011-10-29 14:39]

People enjoy a giant hot pot feast at Chongqing International Food Festival in Chongqing municipality in Southwest China on Oct 28, 2011.

China conducts its first jet biofuel trial

[2011-10-29 08:33]

China conducted its first demonstration flight powered partly by a biofuel on Friday.

Boy's rescue 5 days after Turkish quake lifts spirits

[2011-10-28 21:20]

Rescue workers pulled a 13-year-old boy alive out of the rubble of an apartment block on Friday.

China's largest freshwater lake parched

[2011-10-28 11:25]

The water level of the lake's gauging station had declined to 9.98 meters on Oct 27, below the critical level of 10 meters, which marks the lake formally entering low water season. It is roughly 10 days earlier than the average date since 2000.

With this click, I will thee wed

[2011-10-28 08:02]

Online marriage game may be more than harmless romantic fantasy.

Thousands flee Bangkok floodwaters

[2011-10-28 08:02]

Thousands of Bangkok residents flocked to bus, rail and air terminals on Thursday while heavy traffic snaked out of the sprawling Thai capital in an exodus from a mass of approaching floodwater.

Rare stone banquet in E China

[2011-10-27 16:25]

All the 2028 dishes worth 500 million yuan are made up of rare stones. The rare stone dishes were collected by a stone museum in Tai'an city, East China's Shandong province.

Dead Siberian tiger found in NE China

[2011-10-27 16:12]

The carcass of a Siberian tiger has been discovered in a village in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province Thursday, reported.

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