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A woman who started business in her 70s

[2016-04-11 14:13]

Cheng Shilian is an ordinary woman who lives with daughter-in-law in Niujiaochong village in Anhui province.

Installation of largest single-aperture spherical telescope to finish

[2016-04-11 07:13]

The 500-meter aperture spherical telescope, to be completed within 2016, is expected to be the world's largest.

Slogans for family planning need to be updated

[2016-04-08 08:27]

More than three decades later, Chinese newspapers are displaying photos of smiling parents carrying two infants with the banner "Home with two kids".

26,000 Kung Fu students form huge patterns

[2016-04-08 08:26]

More than 26,000 martial arts students form huge circles during a mass training session at Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts School near Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng city in Henan province, April 7, 2016.

Chinese arts prove popular in Hong Kong spring sales

[2016-04-08 11:35]

Chinese arts proved quite popular among collectors at the recently concluded spring auctions at Poly Auction and Sotheby's Hong Kong.

Reindeer Herders Day celebrated in northern Russia

[2016-04-08 10:35]

A participant is seen before the race on the Reindeer Herders Day in the village of Aksarka in the center Priuralsky district of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District in Russia, April 7, 2016.

World's major tech companies step into the VR world

[2016-04-08 07:10]

Following the footsteps of Facebook Inc, HTC Corp, and Sony Corp, US e-commerce giant Inc is ready to toss its hat in the virtual-reality sector.

Skilled man gives new life to antiques

[2016-04-07 13:34]

Li Chenghan is a veteran antique repairer, with more than 20 years of experience in Changchun city, Jilin province. Because of his superb skills at restoring broken antiques, he's earned the nickname, "Doctor" by people who love to collect ancient objects.

Top five car-hailing apps in Chinese mainland

[2016-04-07 06:57]

The Nielson Company's Greater China's research looked into the user experience of the apps and services, and found that Uber topped the peers overall.

Shanghai builds 'Deep Pit Hotel' upon a former mine

[2016-04-07 09:40]

Its main structure will be completed in July, and the whole project is expected to begin trial operation by the end of the year.

Top Chinese leaders attend voluntary tree-planting in Beijing

[2016-04-06 07:07]

President Xi Jinping urged development of the country's forestry while attending a voluntary tree planting in Beijing on Tuesday.

Zhouzhuang water town viewed through artistic eyes

[2016-04-06 10:49]

Wu painted Zhouzhuang more than once and the picturesque water town has been portrayed on canvas by many other artists. Let's take a look at Zhouzhuang through the eyes of different painters.

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