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The youngest victims in Afghanistan

[2012-01-03 08:33]

Children in Afghanistan's capital face a daily struggle to survive.

Iran test-fires missiles in Gulf exercise

[2012-01-03 07:54]

Iran said Monday it had test-fired two long-range missiles, flexing its military muscle in the face of mounting Western pressure over its nuke program.

Waiting for a baby

[2012-01-03 07:40]

Dreams of childless couples are difficult to fulfill as egg donations strictly limited.

Rail e-ticket sales get off-track

[2012-01-03 07:30]

Heavy demand, glitches with payment prompt chorus of complaints.

DPRK to defend new leader

[2012-01-02 10:28]

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) issued a joint New Year editorial on Sunday, calling on its army and people to defend DPRK Leader Kim Jong-un to the death.

Enter the Water Dragon

[2012-01-02 09:33]

If the navel gazers and prophets are correct, 2012 will be a year of conflict and disasters, but Lee Hannon believes we will all survive.

Drop in number of drunken drivers caught

[2012-01-02 09:18]

The number of people found drunken driving has dropped sharply across the country since harsher punishments took effect on May 1.

Cyber cannibalism

[2012-01-02 09:01]

It's called "human flesh search", a cyber-bullying tool that can destroy a person's privacy within hours. It happens most often in the dream merchandising industry of entertainment.

Iran produces country's first nuclear fuel rod

[2012-01-02 08:35]

Iran announced on Sunday that scientists there have produced the country's first nuclear fuel rod. US should use diplomacy rather than war Iran to fire several home-built missiles

Japan cult member surrenders 16 yrs after attacks

[2012-01-01 19:04]

A former member of a Japanese doomsday cult that staged deadly gas attacks on the Tokyo subway in 1995 turned himself in to authorities after more than 16 years on the run, the Kyodo news agency reported on Sunday.

Laba Festival celebrated across China

[2012-01-01 17:22]

The Laba Festival, which falls on the eighth day of the twelfth month on the lunar calendar, commemorates Sakyamuni Buddha's enlightenment.

Winter invigorates trips to snow festivals

[2012-01-01 10:06]

Winter has turned parts of the country into a wonderland of excitement.

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