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Tibet school finds that pairings remove barriers

[2012-11-15 02:13]

A middle school in Lhasa, in the Tibet autonomous region, is pairing students from different ethnic backgrounds to help them become friends and break down cultural barriers.

Aviation industry flies into future

[2012-11-15 02:07]

China's national aviation manufacturer has launched a long-term plan spanning until 2030 to develop advanced aviation engines.

The story gets better for publishers

[2012-11-15 02:03]

Mo Yan's Nobel prize has sparked a global wave of strong interest in Chinese literature.

Floating on sheepskin

[2012-11-15 01:41]

Gansu boatmen keep a hardscrabble tradition alive as they ferry touristsacross the Yellow River. But the boats, made buoyant with sheep skins filled with air, may be gone in a generation.

CPC congress elects new central committee

[2012-11-14 11:35]

CPC congress started its closing session Wednesday morning, at which a new CPC Central Committee and a new Central Commission for Discipline Inspection will be elected.

CPC congress begins closing session

[2012-11-14 10:45]

The closing session of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, Nov 14, 2012.

Heavy snowstorms hit NE China's Heilongjiang

[2012-11-14 10:37]

Heavy snowstorms swept northeastern regions of Heilongjiang since last Sunday, forcing highways to close. Local authority of railway service initiated an emergency plan to maintain order of stranded passengers.

Attack copter takes to skies

[2012-11-14 03:31]

The Zhuhai Airshow, the largest showcase for the nation's aviation and aerospace industry, soared into the skies above Guangdong province with more aircraft than ever before.

Mega homes project ready

[2012-11-14 03:01]

The construction of Beijing's largest public rental housing project has been completed, and its first tenants will move in next month.

Heilongjiang counts the cost

[2012-11-14 03:01]

After squeezing through a door blocked by snow, 56-year-old Kang Chuanguo and his family have been working tirelessly to salvage what is left of their farm.

Lack of diagnosis hampers efforts

[2012-11-14 03:01]

Only 40 percent of China's estimated 92 million diabetes patients get diagnosed, which seriously undermines early treatment for sufferers and the nation's overall intervention efficiency.

Green is new color of beauty

[2012-11-14 02:51]

Green progress, which President Hu Jintao emphasized in his report to the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, has remained one of the hot topics among delegates in the past few days.

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