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Netizens get a glimpse of country's top court

[2012-12-05 02:23]

The Supreme People's Court has invited the public to tour the building on its annual open day since 2009. Last December, young people were invited as guests.

Reuters images of the year 2012 - Festival

[2012-12-04 14:07]

US model Lydia Hearst poses during the opening ceremony of the 20th Life Ball in Vienna May 19, 2012. Life Ball is Europe's largest annual AIDS charity event and takes place in Vienna's City Hall.

Modeling contest part of China-US exchange

[2012-12-04 12:54]

Zeng Zheng, of Chongqing, wins the 2012 China-US Super Model Contest China Final, in Beijing on Dec 2, 2012. First runner-up was Fang Xingtong, of Northeast China's Liaoning province, and second runner-up was Cheng Lin, of Northeast China's Jilin province. The contest is part of a China-US cultural exchange program and was organized by some American companies.

Advocates call for euthanasia law

[2012-12-04 08:22]

Although there is no legislation that decriminalizes assisted suicide and sets strict conditions on how it can be conducted, right-to-die campaigners say legal status must be clarified.

Migrant workers shelter beneath overpasses

[2012-12-04 00:56]

Even though the weather is getting cold, migrant worker Zhu Yunyou has to sleep beneath an overpass because he cannot afford renting an apartment in the downtown area.

Former TV host accuses legislator of assault, graft

[2012-12-04 00:56]

Local authorities in Shuangcheng city, Heilongjiang province, have removed the manager of a State-owned company who was also deputy to the city's people's congress from his posts, after a former TV host reported him for sexual assault.

Travel chaos after snowstorm hits NE China

[2012-12-03 19:39]

Snowstorms caused travel chaos Monday with expressways in northeast China's Liaoning province forced to close and passenger ships departing from the port city of Dalian suspended.

Panda poo tea fertilization time

[2012-12-03 17:33]

It is now time to fertilize the world's most expensive tea trees with panda dung. It's also time to promote the panda poo tea.

Obama salutes entertainers taking a Washington bow

[2012-12-03 14:28]

Music legend Led Zeppelin was recognized on Sunday alongside entertainers from stage and screen for their contributions to the arts and American culture at the Kennedy Center Honors.

Rescue efforts under way to save 14 trapped miners

[2012-12-03 09:11]

Rescuers are busy pumping water from the shaft of a coal mine in Qitaihe, Heilongjiang province, in an attempt to save 14 miners trapped underground by a flood on Sunday.

Eyeing up jobs with Chinese companies

[2012-12-03 09:05]

More expats are employed by or showed a stronger interest in working for China-based companies against a backdrop of the rise of the economy.

China marks first road safety day

[2012-12-03 08:14]

China marked its first national day for road safety on Sunday with exhibitions, lectures and online discussions exhorting pedestrians and drivers to observe traffic signals.

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