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Taken in by the Chinese copycat

[2012-08-24 09:23]

If it's schnapps at the lakeside by moonlight, we must be in Austria. No we aren't.

3 killed, 5 injured after bridge collapsed

[2012-08-24 08:23]

Three people were killed and five other injured early Friday morning after four trucks they were travelling aboard plunged off a collapsed bridge in a Northeast China city, police sources said.

Giant Panda celebrates 2nd birthday in Vienna

[2012-08-24 06:47]

Giant Panda Fu Hu on Thursday celebrated his second birthday in Vienna's Schoenbrunn Zoo with visitors.

Japan, S. Korea tensions continue

[2012-08-24 03:07]

Hundreds of South Koreans protested in front of Japan’s embassy in Seoul on Thursday against Japan’s rival claim over the disputed islands.

Nation celebrates Qixi festival

[2012-08-23 20:22]

It is difficult to trace who coined the term Chinese Valentine's Day to refer to Qixi Festival, but the introduction of Valentine’s Day into China and the growing consumerism are of two of the driving forces behind its renaming.

Diaoyu activists return as heroes

[2012-08-23 07:38]

When the fishing boat Kai Fung No 2 drew alongside the public pier at Hong Kong's Tsim Sha Tsui on Wednesday, a crowd of supporters erupted in cheers.

Two typhoons to hit coastal areas

[2012-08-23 07:04]

Two powerful typhoons are heading toward China, putting the weather-beaten nation on alert again after four storms have caused landfalls across the country.

Obama to campaign in battleground states

[2012-08-23 07:01]

Obama will make an unusual try to upstage his rival Mitt Romney's formal nomination by his party next week by launching campaigns in key battleground swing states.

Traffic may cost car owners

[2012-08-23 02:35]

Car owners in Beijing may face congestion fees in a move to ease traffic flow, according to a five-year plan released by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport.

Leader stresses fair distribution of low-income homes

[2012-08-22 21:43]

Vice Premier Li Keqiang has called for local authorities to fairly distribute low-income housing units to those needy families in a transparent way, adding that tightening measures for the country's property market will remain in place.

Qixi faces commercialization paradox

[2012-08-22 20:34]

Florists and folklorists are debating whether China's traditional Valentine's Day is becoming too commercialized.

Couple marks 83rd Chinese Valentine together

[2012-08-22 15:36]

Gong Deyun, 99, threads mianguo, a local snack food, with his wife, Sun Yucui, 102, to celebrate Qixi Festival at their home in East China's Shandong province, Aug 21, 2012.

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