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Boston Marathon bombing suspect charged

[2013-04-23 02:56]

The US Attorney General Eric Holder announced the surviving suspect in the Boston bombings was charged with using a weapon of mass destruction.

Volunteer team helping students find sense of normalcy

[2013-04-23 02:20]

Canadian volunteer Frentz, 22, along with 14 other students and three teachers from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in the provincial capital of Chengdu, set up a class for children temporarily placed at the school, the largest shelter in Lushan county.

Ethnic groups quick to join rescue efforts

[2013-04-23 01:38]

At about 6 am on Monday, as a drizzle fell, Sitenpo started a new day by rushing to a tent near the Longmen town government to await a daily meeting following Saturday's earthquake.

Earthquake leaves family shattered

[2013-04-22 21:31]

Liu Ya, 23, carrying his two-year-old daughter, sits in front of his damaged house in the earthquake struck village of Wuxing, Longmen township, Lushan county, Sichuan province, April 22, 2013.

Weekly Photos: April 15-21

[2013-04-22 16:48]

People take part in a water-splashing party in Jinghong city, Yunnan province, April 15, 2013.

Residents given shelter in quake-hit region

[2013-04-22 14:04]

More than 58,000 people from Baoxing county have been relocated as of Sunday night, while 186 people have been confirmed dead and more than 1.5 million affected after the province was jolted by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake early Saturday.

US company successfully launches space rocket

[2013-04-22 11:03]

Orbital Sciences Corp., one of two private companies that currently hold a contract with US space agency NASA to fly unmanned cargo missions to the International Space Station.

Police: Bombing suspects planned more attacks

[2013-04-22 10:54]

The city's police commissioner said the two suspects had such a large cache of weapons that they were probably planning other attacks.

Chinese victims' families arrive in Boston

[2013-04-22 07:47]

The families of the two Chinese victims in Boston explosions arrived in the city on Friday.

Premier: Rescue every person

[2013-04-22 06:48]

Premier Li Keqiang climbed onto a heap of debris to view the disaster area after arriving in Lushan county, Sichuan province, where he expressed condolences to victims and survivors of Saturday's devastating magnitude-7 earthquake.

Credibility still top concern for Chinese firms

[2013-04-22 03:30]

Business credibility continues to be the top concern for a majority of the private entrepreneurs in China.

More bird flu patients discharged

[2013-04-22 02:57]

Three more H7N9 bird flu patients were discharged from a hospital in Shanghai on Sunday.

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